INDIA: 2,500 TESTIMONIES of the miraculous leading nearly 66,000 Hindus to Christ in six years in Orissa—where baptism is ILLEGAL

Training local harvest workers as Jesus trained his disciples

Down below are 2,500 testimonies (2018-present), most of them received from our workers in and around the Fundamentalist Hindu state of Odisha (Orissa) in India where baptism is illegal.
“We are receiving hundreds of reports of miraculous healings each month from our harvest workers. I am sending only selected ones.” 

A few of our now 1,755 house churches planted by our harvest workers in mostly a single state of India since 2018

  • The house churches mentioned below were planted in unreached people groups and each have from 20 to 150 people. 
  • Around ten thousand New Testaments have been distributed to our believers.
  • From 2018 through December 9, 2023, our trained workers planted 1,755 new house churches (including 52 daughter house churches) in and around Odisha with over 65,730 new believers, reaching 42 previously unreached people groups in India. This includes 18 high-caste Hindu people groups which are extremely resistant to the gospel because of strict cultural and social prohibitions.
  • The cost above to bring one soul to Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior: approximately 6 US dollars.

. Most pages below each contain 5 testimonies of miraculous healings and deliverance. [Pages in brackets are reports from outside of Odisha] —.

Hindu woman miraculously healed from 3 years of suffering accepts Jesus; now faces severe persecution from village]

Hindu woman with debilitating stroke miraculously healed in Jesus’ name; she and her family accept Jesus Christ 

Hindu man severely injured in accident rises from deathbed in the name of Jesus and testifies

Hindu man with kidney infection, gastritis, and incurable sickle cell anemia miraculously healed in Jesus’ name…accepts Him as Lord & Savior

Incurable sickle cell anemia suffered by Hindu woman completely healed in Jesus’ name and confirmed by doctor. She accepts Jesus Christ.

Hindu wife barren causing quarreling with husband & in-laws conceives in Jesus’ name. Suicidal man delivered from demon, and much more…

Gori’s alcoholic husband would beat her often. But when our workers rebuked his spirit of addiction in Jesus’ name AT A DISTANCE, he was delivered!

[INDIA: the gospel proclaimed, the sick miraculously healed, the demonized set free, Hindus accept Jesus, and the poor are fed]

Two renowned hospitals as well as a sorcerer could not help a woman with a paralyzed arm. Then her husband heard about our Elijah Challenge workers…

POWERFUL MIRACLES: comatose woman severely injured in accident; man with extremely severe diabetes; boy bitten by poisonous snake; and much more…

Young man missing for four months returns home following two days of prayer by trained workers

Houston woman suffered excruciating nightmare for TEN YEARS due to a demonic curse put on her by her ex-husband…

After Hindu man is miraculously healed from cancer, his entire family accepts Jesus Christ

[Biblical miracles produce a big harvest of souls for the kingdom of God in INDIA — the world’s most populous nation]

History being made in India: High Caste Hindus coming to the Messiah Jesus due to miraculous healings

Member of banned Communist Party of India accepts Jesus Christ after miraculous healing from severe chest pain

The husband of an elderly woman suffering pain for 5 years forbade her to attend our house church to receive miraculous healing. So she went secretly…

INDIA: Woman delivered from 8 years of demonic attacks, baby healed from skin disease over entire body, tumor disappears from woman’s stomach after 3 years, and more

Despite medical treatment, a Hindu woman suffered from painful disease in her uterus for two long years. But Jesus healed her.

[NEPAL: House church planted in home of former witchdoctor after his son was miraculously healed in Jesus’ name]

Little girl blind since birth miraculously healed in Jesus’ name and sees. After that her parents accept Jesus Christ.

Young Hindu woman suffering terribly from incurable sickle cell anemia for twenty years was about to die. BUT Jesus…!

[NEPAL: Elijah Challenge harvest worker Santa Tamang plants house churches and trains other harvest workers]

[The Elijah Challenge Feeding Events in India: the gospel is preached, the sick are healed, demons are cast out, over 200 accept Christ]

Woman SEVERELY attacked by DEMONS since childhood. After marriage she miscarried again and again, and several times attempted suicide. BUT Jesus…!

Notorious man addicted to alcohol would regularly beat his wife. She left him. Then he came down with serious diabetes…

“Hindu man suffered from critical infections in his kidney and liver; his family thought he could not survive…”

Hindu woman with potentially cancerous stone in her stomach miraculously healed; her family accepts Jesus Christ

Hindu woman with serious stomach ulcers could not afford a costly operation; instead she attended our house church…

[October 2023 Praise Report from North India and Orissa]

Paralyzed man could no longer provide for his family. Then our workers reached their village…

Feverish Hindu woman stopped eating for several days and her family thought she might die. BUT Jesus…!

A man beat his wife after learning she was secretly attending a house church where she had been miraculously healed. BUT Jesus…!

Hindu woman miraculously healed from diabetes, low blood pressure and a urinary infection. She accepts Jesus Christ.

Hindu man who hated Christians miraculously healed and accepts Jesus Christ

Hindu man miraculously healed from head injury from motorcycle accident accepts Jesus Christ

Two fanatic Hindus—one miraculously healed and the other set free from demon-possession—are baptized in region where baptism is illegal

Man who went missing for eighteen years reunited with his family within a week following prayer by Elijah Challenge workers, and more!

Woman who had reverently worshipped Hindu idols possessed by demons and suffered terribly. BUT Jesus…!

One Hindu woman healed from kidney failure in Jesus’ name, another from ravaging sickle cell anemia…and more!

Punjabis in North India accept Jesus Christ as the gospel is preached, the sick healed and demons cast out

Couple unable to conceive after four years of marriage was in distress after having tried everything, even sorcery. BUT Jesus…!

[Punjabis in North India accept Jesus Christ as the gospel is preached, the sick healed and demons cast out]

Woman bitten by poisonous snake while asleep at night. Her terrified husband summoned our workers who came and…

Witnessing powerful miracles, Hindus turn to Christ in INDIA—NOW THE WORLD’S MOST POPULOUS NATION!

Hindu woman gored by a buffalo was severely injured. But after she was wondrously healed in Jesus’ name, she believed…and more

Diverse Hindu women miraculously healed from sickle cell, from vertigo, from paralysis, from asthma, from gastritis. All accept Jesus Christ!

Hindu woman miraculously healed from 25 years of migraine headache; man healed from severe kidney disease; and more!

A sorcerer could not help Ranjita who was possessed by a demon and totally out of control. BUT the name of Jesus…! 

Hindu man hanging between life and death after serious food poisoning miraculously healed by Jesus. The family accepts Christ.

25-year-old Prasant was deaf and dumb since birth—but was miraculously healed in Jesus’ name. (Video)

Bobi’s four-year-old son had not yet uttered a word. She and her husband were at their wits end what could be done. BUT Jesus…!

[INDIA: The gospel preached, the sick healed, Hindus accept Christ in Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh]

INDIA: The gospel preached, the sick healed, Hindus accept Christ in Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh

Incurably sick young man from gospel-resistant high caste Hindu family lay helplessly on a bed outside his house when our workers passed by…

INDIA: The biting words of her family and in-laws about her shameful inability to conceive tormented Hati. BUT Jesus…!

Hindu man paralyzed due to stroke miraculously healed in Jesus’ name and walks (video). He accepts Jesus Christ.

India: SHAME came upon Pinkey who was childless following five years of marriage despite all kinds of treatment. BUT Jesus…!

An alcoholic developed a liver infection which spread to the rest of his body, leaving him very sick and very weak. BUT Jesus…!

Ranjita’s face was disfigured due to severe swelling. People were appalled seeing her. BUT Jesus…!

For three months Lalita suffered from constant fever and chest pain. Neither physician nor sorcerer could help. BUT Jesus…!

Despite medical treatment by a doctor, Sukru’s worsening kidney disease kept him in bed. After Jesus healed him, his family accepted Jesus Christ.

Poor Hindu woman feared for her life due to her severe heart condition. Then she attended one of our house churches…

Hindu woman’s entire body racked with severe arthritis miraculously healed in Jesus’ name…family accepts Christ

For 7 years a woman suffered from severe pain from which two family members had already died. Hospitals and sorcerers could not help. BUT Jesus…!

Doctors could not understand why a toddler could not walk, but then she was completely healed in the wondrous name of Jesus!

HEALING THE SICK and preaching the kingdom of God ON THE STREETS of unreached Hindu village in Bhawanipatna, India

Treatment at two hospitals and by a sorcerer failed to help Hindu woman with painful skin disease all over her body. BUT Jesus…!

[Punjab & Delhi: the gospel preached, the sick miraculously healed, demons cast out, Sikhs and Hindus come to Jesus Christ]

Poor elderly Hindu woman with painful breast tumor could not afford surgery. But the tumor vanishes in Jesus’ name!

Despite reprimand from high caste Hindu family, woman who was wondrously healed will be baptized along with husband

Tumor in Hindu women’s chest causing burning sensation miraculously disappears. She and her entire family accept Christ. 

SEVERELY demonized Hindu woman out of her mind and could not be helped by a sorcerer, but MESSIAH JESUS set her free.

A Hindu named Babulu had been severely injured in an accident and could no longer stand, walk, or even talk. BUT Jesus…!

Young Hindu man suffered from unusual arthritis rendering him unable to stand and to walk. BUT Jesus…!

[INDIA: 180 Hindus accept Jesus in Uttar Pradesh after miraculous healings through our workers confirm the gospel]

Woman healed from tumor at house church without husband knowing. PRAY for Hindu husband to accept Jesus! 

Mentally deranged man could not be helped by several hospitals nor by an ayurvedic doctor nor by a sorcerer. BUT Jesus…!

Sick woman bedridden for two months despite medical treatment and the sacrifice of a chicken, a goat, and a buffalo. BUT Jesus…!

Man with terminal cancer miraculously healed; five Hindu families accept Jesus Christ with two families receiving baptism

A man and a baby boy both with untreatable heart conditions miraculously healed in Jesus’ wondrous name!

Toddlers both suffered from nearly nonstop fevers despite weekly hospital visits. But after both were miraculously healed, their parents accepted Jesus.

Laborer who couldn’t stand and walk on his own now able to carry 130 pounds (60 kg) after the name of Jesus healed him.

[INDIA: 235 souls in Haryana and Punjab accept Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior following many miraculous proofs of the gospel]

Day-old baby boy STRICKEN with jaundice, and his poor parents could not afford treatment for him. BUT Jesus…!

After suffering through a SEVERE CASE of malaria, Bochi’s speech was slurred despite medication. But Jesus healed her!

Boy with SICKLE CELL ANEMIA causing pain in every joint miraculously healed, his grateful parents accept Jesus. And more.

INDIA: miraculous healing from mental derangement, severe asthma requiring hospitalization, demon-possessions, and more

Young woman attacked by vicious demon on her way to bathroom at night collapses unconscious on the floor…BUT Jesus!

Hindu woman bedridden due to chronic severe pain in stomach miraculously healed; she and husband accept Christ; AND MORE

Possessed Hindu woman totally out of her mind and out of control had to be tied up and brought to our workers…

Elderly woman paralyzed for six months miraculously healed in Jesus’ name; the family accepts Jesus as only Lord and Savior

INDIA: the sick are healed, the gospel preached, sinners accept Jesus Christ and are baptized; house churches planted

[INDIA: the sick are healed, the gospel preached, sinners accept Jesus Christ and are baptized; house churches planted]

TESTIMONIES: boy fell into water and taken out unconscious; 20-day-old baby couldn’t breathe normally; young woman couldn’t sleep for months; and more… 

Niyati had failed to conceive after three years of marriage, and so her very disappointed mother-in-law mistreated her. BUT Jesus…

Little boy Arman miraculously healed from heart condition in the wondrous name of Jesus!

[Kui tribal people of India converted by Baptist missionaries many years ago experience New Testament miracles for the first time]

Parents of baby boy with weeklong diarrhea and vomiting had lost hope after doctor could not help them. BUT Jesus…!

After severe stroke, elderly Hindu man was totally bedridden unable to get up even to go to the bathroom. BUT Jesus…!

Another tumor miraculously vanishes in the wondrous name of the Messiah Jesus leading Hindus to Jesus Christ, and much more…

Tumor vanishes in Jesus’ name; mentally deranged man restored; woman possessed by demon set free; and more

[INDIA: 200+ Rajasthani people accept Jesus Christ as many are miraculously healed and set free from demonic possession]

15 Hindus immediately accept Jesus as trained disciples enter unreached village to heal the sick & preach the gospel

High-caste Brahmin family, well-known as very devoted worshipers of Hindu goddess Devi, turn to Jesus Christ following powerful miracles

MIRACULOUSLY HEALED: Tumor in Hindu woman’s private parts; sickle cell anemia; typhoid fever & malaria; and more

Hindu man could not walk for three years due to severe arthritis and was also blind. BUT Jesus…!

High-caste Brahmin family, well-known as very devoted worshipers of Hindu goddess Devi, turn to Jesus Christ following powerful miracles

HEALED: Demon-possessed woman causing turmoil at home; infant with long-term illness; crippling arthritis; and more 

Man with seizure lost consciousness at home. Our worker spoke with authority over him on his wife’s phone, and he woke up. And much more.

MIRACULOUSLY HEALED: woman with heart disease; young wife who was barren; young man with mental illness; and more

[INDIA: over 340 souls accept Jesus Christ in Punjab and Chhattisgarh through Elijah Challenge-trained pastors; many miraculous healings]

Hindu woman unable to walk with her left foot turned totally outward instead of forward miraculously healed, and more

HEALED: severe heart disease; inability to conceive; demon-possession; woman unconscious due to fever; & more…

HEALED: boy who couldn’t walk after fall from bicycle; mentally disordered man; boy injured falling from tractor; and more… 

MIRACULOUSLY HEALED from sickle cell anemia; stone disappears from woman’s stomach; debilitating arthritis healed; and more

HEALED: boy’s abnormal behavior; woman in coma; man fed through tube; woman struggling between life & death; baby boy couldn’t breathe

Little boy could not be taken to hospital due to uncontrollable seizures, but in the wondrous name of Jesus…PLUS cancer vanishes from woman’s stomach

Hindu woman paralyzed by stroke was totally bedridden. But she got up and began walking in Jesus’ wondrous name.

Black magic tormented a mother and children with fear and apparent sickness. A sorcerer failed to help. BUT Jesus…!

[The Elijah Challenge Feeding Events in North India: the sick healed, the gospel preached, Hindus accept Jesus Christ]

The family of a Hindu man electrocuted by very high voltage thought he was going to die. BUT Jesus…!

FIVE sorcerers could not help man and wife tormented by demonic nightmares and sickness. BUT JESUS…

Totally blind Hindu woman sees in Jesus’ wondrous name. She and husband both accept Jesus Christ.

Our 40 orphans after ten years: one now attending university and five more in 2023 to become future leaders in India

Hindu woman hospitalized for severe kidney failure had lost consciousness with no hope of recovery. BUT Jesus…! 

Hindu man with undiagnosable disorder in blood circulation to his legs for years miraculously healed. He accepts Jesus Christ.

Woman had broken her leg and could not walk for 3 years. After she was miraculously healed, she accepted Jesus.

4-year-old boy totally mute since birth begins to speak. His parents accept Jesus Christ.

[The gospel preached, the sick miraculously healed, demons cast out in Chhattisgarh, India. Hindus turn to Jesus Christ.]

The gospel preached, the sick miraculously healed, demons cast out in Chhattisgarh, India. Hindus turn to Jesus Christ.

Hindu woman testifies in video after her miraculous healing from severe stroke and paralysis. Her family then accepted Jesus.

Elderly Hindu man paralyzed for two years miraculously healed. He and family accept Jesus.

A Hindu man suffered a stroke and was left paralyzed. After he was miraculously healed, he accepted Jesus Christ.

Hindu man miraculously healed from BOTH kidney disease AND heart disease. He and his family accept Jesus Christ.

Hindu man’s severe heart condition resisted treatment by medication, by sorcerers, by offering sacrifices. BUT Jesus…

Bimala miraculously healed from breast cancer; Sushila’s deranged mind restored in Jesus’ name

Medical treatment could not help a Hindu woman with breast cancer, but she was miraculously healed in Jesus’ name

BIBLICAL MIRACLE: Hindu woman miraculously healed from years of bleeding like the woman in Mark 5

Priyanka, a 9th grade student on her way home, was attacked and possessed by a demon…

[OPPOSITION in Punjab has begun following reports in several newspapers and leading magazines that many Sikhs are accepting Jesus]

OPPOSITION in Punjab has begun following reports in several newspapers and leading magazines that many Sikhs are accepting Jesus

Extremely resistant to the gospel, a Hindu Brahmin woman suffered immensely from severe arthritis for 14 years…

Hindu woman sobs uncontrollably after Jesus heals her from undiagnosable vomiting of blood

Hindu man’s beloved two cows missing for ten days miraculously restored in Jesus’ name. He accepts Jesus Christ.

Hindus healed from vertigo; from vomiting blood; from poisonous scorpion bite; from ear infection; all accept Christ

Woman despised by her in-laws for failing to conceive no matter what attends one of our house churches secretly…

Woman had lost her three children one-by-one and then her husband to witchcraft. After their deaths she herself was attacked…

Kidney failure, dangerously high blood pressure, malaria/jaundice (and more) all miraculously healed in Jesus’ name!

[Ayodhya, the birthplace of Hindu god Ram, is most hostile to the gospel. It has now been reached for Jesus Christ.]

Ayodhya, the birthplace of Hindu god Ram, is most hostile to the gospel. It has now been reached for Jesus Christ.

“While leading her goat, sheep, and cow to feed in the forest, a tribal woman was attacked by an unclean spirit…”

Baptisms are ILLEGAL in Odisha/Orissa

Bikash was a drunkard, addicted to liquor, sick, and paralyzed. But after Jesus healed him, his family accepted Him as Lord & Savior.

Humiliated since she was childless for 8 years, Kumudini conceives in Jesus’ name and gives birth to baby boy!

Woman suffering from both paralysis & mental disorder healed in Jesus’ name. She & husband accept Jesus.

Baptisms are illegal in Odisha (Orissa) India, and are performed secretly

Woman barren for 7 years conceives; demon-possessed woman tied up at home set free; man healed of life-threatening arthritis

Hindu woman miraculously healed from paralysis, gets up and walks. She and husband accept Jesus Christ.

For many nights a demon would appear before a baby girl terrifying her. The Hindu parents did not know what to do until…

Man blind for a year suddenly sees after receiving ministry in Jesus’ name. He is now going to church and stopped drinking.

Elijah Challenge-trained & supported workers in North India preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, and perform many baptisms

Elijah Challenge-trained & supported workers in North India preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, and perform many baptisms

Stone in wife’s stomach requiring surgery miraculously vanishes in Jesus’ name. She and husband accept Jesus Christ.

Hindu man totally paralyzed from stroke for six months miraculously healed; entire family accepts Jesus Christ

Tribal Hindu priest leads other villagers to Jesus after his own wife wondrously healed following failed medical treatment

Elderly Hindu woman confined to bed due to severe arthritis healed; accepts Jesus

A Hindu leader persecuted followers of Jesus. Then his son was terribly demon-possessed…

Poor Hindu woman with eye infection causing severe pain & vision loss paid for expensive treatments, but to no avail…

Widow from FANATIC HINDU family accepts Jesus after little daughter MIRACULOUSLY HEALED from serious sickness

Hindu man miraculously healed from incurable kidney failure, accepts Jesus Christ

Doctor and sorcerer unable to help woman mute for a year due to demonic attack. BUT Jesus…!

High caste Hindu man was about to have his leg amputated due to bone tuberculosis. BUT Jesus….!

Painful tumor disappears from Hindu woman’s stomach…she and husband accept Jesus Christ.

Hindu man blind for two years healed in Jesus’ name. He and his family accept Jesus Christ.

Punjab, India: miraculous healings and expulsion of demons lead many to Jesus

[Punjab, India: miraculous healings and expulsion of demons lead many to Jesus]

Sorcery caused insanity in Hindu man resulting in 3 suicide attempts and chains…BUT Jesus!

Very sick Hindu man living in region WHERE GOSPEL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED miraculously healed; accepts Jesus as Messiah.

Mentally-disturbed man would beat strangers and wife with staff. Medical treatment and a sacrifice failed. BUT JESUS!

Severely ill Hindu woman miraculously healed from poisonous snake bite, accepts Jesus Christ

Man had mental disorder causing him to babble on nonsensically. For six months he wouldn’t stay home. Medication & sorcery failed to help. BUT Jesus…!

Biranta turned to alcohol when he could no longer deal with his wife’s many physical infirmities. BUT Jesus…!

High caste Hindu woman had back pain for 30 years despite innumerable hospital visits; was weak & sickly. After healing, determined to follow Jesus.

[Baby in womb had no heartbeat. But after our trained pastor ministered, doctor confirmed heartbeat and normal growth.]

Baby in womb had no heartbeat. But after our trained pastor ministered, doctor confirmed heartbeat and normal growth.

Paralysis, mental illness, persistent fever, diabetes & high blood pressure, arthritis ALL healed in Jesus’ name!

Elderly woman couldn’t stand & walk without her staff. The doctor could do nothing because of her advanced age, but Jesus…!

For 3 months little Elina vomited four or five times daily while crying out in pain. The doctor could not help. BUT Jesus…!

Elderly woman had bloody diarrhea, was weak & had stopped eating. But after Jesus healed her, her family believed.

The family members of a Hindu priest got sick one after another. He tried other priests, sorcerers, and doctors but to no avail, but…

Mentally-disturbed man would BEAT HIS PARENTS and had to be restrained WITH CHAINS…

Basti, a Hindu woman, was blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. Then she attended one of our house churches…

Hindu man & family accept Christ after miraculous healing from stroke which had paralyzed him for years

[Wonderful harvests of souls in North India accompanied by miraculous signs confirming the gospel]

Wonderful harvests of souls in North India accompanied by miraculous signs confirming the gospel

Man in critical condition with diabetes & high blood pressure taken to Hindu temple and then to sorcerer, and then to the hospital, all to no avail…

Puja had UNDIAGNOSABLE pain in her legs; couldn’t walk. But Jesus healed her & she believed.

Surya and his whole family accept Christ after he was miraculously healed from long-term TB

Baby from tribal people born ABNORMAL and PREMATURE miraculously healed…seems all the villagers will come to Jesus!

Elderly woman with unreached people group on mountaintop paralyzed for 2 years healed in Jesus’ name

Her doctor told Jasoda that she would not survive her kidney disease. BUT she was healed in Jesus’ name!

Woman with water in her lungs bedridden for a month miraculously healed in Jesus’ name; the family accepts Christ

Young woman who lost memory due to brain injury from accident miraculously healed. She and her family accept Jesus.

INDIA: the gospel preached, the sick miraculously healed, the demonized set free, lost souls accept Jesus Christ

People kept their distance from Hindu man with ugly skin disease. BUT Jesus…!

Hindu devotee who regularly organized worship of goddess could not walk following accident and hospitalization. BUT Jesus…!

Woman suffering from issue of blood — like the woman in Mark 5 — miraculously healed, accepts Christ with her husband

INDIA: the gospel preached, the sick miraculously healed, the demonized set free, lost souls accept Jesus Christ

Young Hindu woman in depression due to paralysis in both legs healed in Jesus’ name. Her family accepts Christ.

Poor Hindu woman could not afford the operation to remove the very painful stone in her stomach, BUT JESUS…!

Tumor in poor Hindu woman’s chest vanishes in Jesus’ wondrous name. She & husband accept Messiah Jesus.

Hindu man paralyzed on one side of his body and hospitalized for two months miraculously healed. He and his wife accept Jesus.

Why are missions today so very different from what is recorded in Acts?

Hindu woman tormented by sorcerer’s curse feeling pain, burning and itching from her waist down to her feet SET FREE in Jesus’ name

[Former hairdresser trained under Elijah Challenge preaches to over 700. Over 55 people delivered from evil spirits. Many miraculously healed. 160 accept Christ.]

Hindu woman paralyzed for three months after stroke miraculously healed. She and her family accept Jesus.

Even after months of treatment at a hospital, Jaya Ganta could not walk due to a debilitating stroke. BUT JESUS….!

Her family expected her to die after she had been ravaged by COVID-19 for THREE months. BUT then Jesus…!

Couple could not afford a caesarean when their baby failed to come out causing unimaginable pain for the expectant mother. But Jesus….!

Brain-injured cricket player miraculously healed; grateful family accepted Jesus the Messiah

Young lady had resigned herself to the torment of frequent seizures for the rest of her life. BUT JESUS…

Demon threatened to kill woman it possessed, but it was driven out in Jesus’ name. She & husband accept Christ.

Stone causing infection in elderly Hindu man’s stomach disappears in the name of the Messiah Jesus. The family accepts Jesus.

PUNJAB, INDIA: 250 accept Jesus Christ, many miraculously healed and set free from demons

Hindu woman on way home from bathing at river attacked by demon, unable to talk or open eyes…set free in Jesus’ name!

Binita couldn’t stand & her parents lost hope she would ever walk. But she walked in Jesus’ name! Her parents believe.

Blind 8-year-old boy sees; grateful parents accept Jesus. Man with heart disease healed; receives Christ.

Hindu woman healed from painful COVID-19 despite prolonged medication. She & husband accept Jesus Christ.

Stone in elderly woman’s stomach disappears. Paralyzed hand healed in Jesus’ name. Hindus receive Christ.

Young man with hearing & speech impediment since birth miraculously healed. Parents accept Jesus. Villagers amazed.

Hindu man planned to divorce his wife of 16 years—because she could not bear him children. BUT THEN JESUS…!

Hindu woman stricken with COVID for one month with severe symptoms healed; accepts Christ with husband

Elderly Hindu man needed expensive heart surgery, but was healed in Jesus’ name (for free)…the entire family accepts Christ

184 accept Jesus in Punjab, India as many are miraculously healed and set free from unclean spirits in Jesus’ name

Woman miraculously healed after 15 days of severe COVID-19 symptoms in Jesus’ name; she & husband accept Jesus Christ

Water Baptism for new followers of the Lord Jesus Christ

Demons tormenting woman forced her to run to jungle while our workers were on their way to cast them out…

Demons cast out of Hindu Brahmin woman in Jesus’ name attack & possess landlord standing outside their home

Attacked in his lower body, a Hindu man was unable to walk…but the name of Jesus healed him

Hindu man miraculously healed from stroke and able to walk again, he and wife accept Christ

Hindu woman healed from 2 years of painful spinal cord disease, along with husband accepts Jesus

Elderly woman unable to stand straight and walk for two years miraculously healed; family accepts Jesus

Hindu woman who adamantly opposed the gospel runs to our Elijah Challenge workers when possessed by demon….

Elderly man can’t urinate and is in severe pain; woman can’t conceive after 8 years of marriage. BUT Jesus…!

INDIA: Crippled woman gets up and walks as gospel preached, four delivered from demons, many others healed; 185 accept Jesus & MUCH MORE

Woman likely suffering from uncurable dementia healed, her family accepts Jesus

Hindu man healed from high blood pressure & heart disease; accepts Jesus with his family

Vicious demon attacks young girl, forcing her leg into a permanently bent position…

Orthodox Hindu woman miraculously healed from lupus who accepted Jesus now rejected by husband and mother-in-law…please pray!

Possessed woman tied up at home with a rope. After sorcerer failed to help, our Elijah Challenge workers were called…

The villagers thought that Suresh would surely die from the skin cancer, but Jesus…!

Hindu family with infirm woman reluctant to call our workers finally call them as a last resort…

Hindu woman with heart disease from poor family miraculously healed; family accepts Jesus

The Elijah Challenge in North India: Many miraculously healed, powerfully delivered from demons, and accept our Lord Jesus Christ

Young demon-possessed man restrained in chains set free, grateful family accepts Jesus

After woman demon-possessed for 7 years set free in Jesus’ name, she accepts Jesus along with her grateful husband

Testimonies from Elijah Challenge workers in NEPAL: Hindus miraculously healed & delivered accept Jesus Christ

Unexpected seizures would leave Minja unconscious on the floor, sometimes with saliva dripping from her mouth. BUT Jesus…!

Man paralyzed for two years gets up and walks in Jesus’ name, family accepts Christ

Parents of man with mental disease spent much money on medicines and sorcery in vain…

Fundamentalist Hindus in India attack Elijah Challenge harvest worker & wife

Uncontrollable demon-possessed man put in chains miraculously set free in Jesus’ name, family accepts Christ

Demon-possessed young boy couldn’t speak or recognize people set free after sorcerer fails; parents accept Christ

Two severely-paralyzed stroke victims miraculously healed in Jesus’ name; accept Jesus as Lord and Savior

Woman suffering from unbearable pain & weakness due to heart condition miraculously healed; accepts Jesus

Woman who could not sit or walk due to spinal cord injury miraculously healed, accepts Jesus

Woman physically unable to conceive has given birth to a baby boy!

Priest for the “Alekhas Mahima” movement miraculously healed & delivered; accepts Jesus

Six-month-old infant loses consciousness at midnight…his parents didn’t know what to do…

Baptized high-caste couple in India REFUSE to bow down to the THREATS from their Hindu community

A most unreached people group reached with the gospel following miraculous healings

DEMON OF DEATH kills two people, then possesses a third. Village chief calls then for our Elijah Challenge workers…

Baby born with crooked neck unable to be straightened…miraculously healed in Jesus’ name. Parents accept Christ.

Man who hated Christians calls for our Elijah Challenge workers after all else failed to fight off severe infection

Powerful demon which possessed man scared off sorcerer who had been called. Then our Elijah Challenge workers were called…

Man with both heart disease and kidney infection refused treatment at hospital and sent home to die. BUT Jesus…

Woman painfully stigmatized for being childless for eight years has conceived in Jesus’ name!

11-year-old Sabita was possessed by a demon making her scream that she was doing to die. BUT in Jesus’ name…

Man in coma after bad accident instantly wakes up in Jesus’ name, parents accept Christ

NORTH INDIA: Despite harassment from police, people healed, accept Christ, and filled with the Spirit

Man struggling between life and death with COVID-19 for forty-two days miraculously healed, accepts Jesus

Fifteen souls baptized in two villages where a month ago believers were beaten by Fundamentalist Hindus

The demon screamed at our workers, “you cannot do anything to me, I can kill her.” BUT in the name of Jesus…

Young boy suffering from incurable sickle cell anemia miraculously healed; his family accepts Jesus Christ

Man deaf for six years healed, woman with COVID for two months healed

Unimaginable suffering endured by high caste Hindu man who turned to Jesus after wife miraculously healed

Various treatments and paid sorcerers could not stop eight months of demonic attacks, BUT in the name of Jesus…

Open wound in elderly man’s leg refused to close even after months of treatment by both doctor and sorcerer. BUT God…

5-year-old girl mute since birth speaks, astonished parents accept Jesus

Elderly man paralyzed and bedridden for months due to severe stroke miraculously healed, accepts Jesus Christ

SORCERER supernaturally healed on deathbed turns to Jesus, wants to be a witness for the Lord

Hindu woman unconscious for hours after poisonous snake bite wakes up in Jesus’ name, accepts Christ

Woman paralyzed & unable to walk or talk for three months miraculously healed; her family accepts Jesus Christ

Hindu man with terminal kidney and liver infection miraculously healed; his entire family believes

Poor laborer couldn’t afford treatment for threatening kidney & liver infections, but Jesus…! And many baptized…

A very promising young man, always first in his class, was severely demonized & wanted to commit suicide. But God is extraordinary.

High caste Hindu couple believes & is baptized following astonishing miracle—despite severe opposition

Mentally-ill boy who couldn’t be helped either by doctors or sorcerers miraculously healed in Jesus’ name

The Elijah Challenge in INDIA: Many precious souls saved, healed, & baptized in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab

The name of Jesus puts sorcerers to shame (like Elijah vs the prophets of Baal); Hindus healed from COVID & accept Jesus

Hindus with COVID-19 struggling to stay alive miraculously healed in Jesus’ name; all accept Christ

Hindu man suffering from COVID-19 symptoms for 10 days FINALLY RELENTS and calls our workers…

Severely demon-possessed 4-year-old girl set free in Jesus’ name over the telephone, family accepts Jesus Christ

Man with severe case of COVID-19 feared he would not survive…BUT then he contacted our Elijah Challenge workers…

Hideous demons appeared to three-year-old boy every night terrifying him, BUT God…

Four Hindus healed of COVID-19 accept Jesus along with families; mentally-ill man miraculously healed believes in Jesus

Hindus miraculously healed from COVID, accept Christ; Woman set free from powerful curse, believes in Jesus

Horrible sores all over woman’s body miraculously healed in Jesus’ name

INDIA: More and more Hindus miraculously healed from COVID-19; accept Jesus Christ

Woman who accepted Christ 5 months ago has reached 3 villages in strict Hindu area: why doesn’t this happen more often?

Woman miraculously healed from COVID; another healed from a paralyzing stroke; 6-year-old girl healed from sickle cell anemia

INDIA: Testimonies of wondrous healings from COVID-19; woman healed from paralyzing stroke

INDIA: Man ravaged by COVID refused the severe risk of going to a hospital; instead Jesus healed him

Doctor astonished that Jesus healed sick & oppressed woman within minutes after much medicine and 8 days of sorcery failed

Despite severe lockdown COVID-19 Hindus healed & accept Jesus; boy who saw demon as a woman set free

INDIA: Hindus miraculously healed from COVID-19 & accept Jesus; man with demon of nonstop eating set free

INDIA: Testimonies of miraculous healing from COVID-19 from trained Consultant in Bangalore

Hindus miraculously healed from COVID turn to Jesus; man in coma following bad accident miraculously healed, family accepts Christ

INDIA: Hindus miraculously healed from COVID-19; accept Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior

Men with COVID-19 instantly relieved of symptoms over the telephone

INDIA: Miraculous healings from COVID-19 bring Hindus to Christ

Miraculous healings from COVID-19 in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

Man totally paralyzed from stroke now able to walk, talk and live his life!

Young father stricken with COVID-19 for 6-7 days healed immediately following voice message in Jesus’ name

Young Hindu couple with two little girls miraculously healed from COVID, accept Jesus

Mentally-ill man miraculously healed after various sorcerers fail to help, accepts Christ with his parents

Man unable to walk after suffering a stroke walks in the name of Jesus

Girl unable to walk since birth walks, man delivered from epilepsy (Mark 9), woman healed from issue of blood (Mark 5)

Paralytic confined to bed for seven years miraculously healed, accepts Jesus; deaf man hears

Ten-year-old boy mute since birth begins to speak; his parents accept Christ

Afraid his child might have COVID-19, a frightened father brought him to one of our house churches…

Woman severely infected, body swollen after swallowing matchsticks; family couldn’t afford treatment…

Elderly woman with incapacitating rheumatoid arthritis had severe pain in her legs, but GOD…!

Both mother and son were delivered from demons at the same time as her son returned from staying in the graveyard…

Her family had prepared 5,000 rupees to buy wood for her cremation after she died. BUT God…

Replying to threats after she accepted Christ: “Jesus has healed me and I have accepted Him. There is no turning back.”

As soon as our workers arrived, the demon said, “I’m leaving… You people are the children of GOD.”

God uses missionary-in-training to heal woman with 10-year leg injury, a thyroid mass, kidney failure, and heart disease

For five years, home occupied by 3 brothers demon-infested making them sick and weak; two could not walk, BUT Jesus…

Illegal baptisms in India

Woman’s 5-year infection miraculously healed after allopathic, homeopathic & ayurvedic medicines failed

Man with kidney disease facing long list of medical treatments miraculously healed; accepts Jesus Christ

Grateful new believing family to in-laws: “if you want our daughter back for your son, you must believe in Jesus”

Despite treatment by sorcerer, demonized man stayed in the jungle, refusing to come home…BUT Jesus!

Woman’s family couldn’t afford the operation to remove the stone in her stomach, but it vanished in Jesus’ name

Temple priest healed from stroke in Jesus’ name after medicine, mantras and sacrifices all fail; accepts Christ

Mantras could not help a terrified woman set upon by demons nightly after closing her eyes to sleep, BUT GOD…

Elderly woman unable to walk for years miraculously healed; man paralyzed due to stroke walks in Jesus’ name

Woman from a most unreached people group in India called the Marwadi miraculously healed; accepts Christ

Demon-possessed man most of the time living in a graveyard set free, entire family gratefully accepts Jesus Christ

Man from totally unreached people set free from legion of demons, now baptized and wants to reach his people

A woman was severely burned while cooking over coals and then attacked by demons in the hospital afterwards, BUT GOD…

Elderly man healed from possible severe dementia; blind man sees in Jesus’ name…and more

God uses brand-new believer to perform extraordinary miracle and to witness for Jesus BOLDLY

Woman badly burned cooking over fire pit could not walk for a long time; miraculously healed in Jesus’ name

Higher caste woman possessed by legion of demons set free; now witnessing boldly for Jesus

After surviving terrifying accident, our co-worker preaches at Memorial Service where the sick are miraculously healed & 25 accept Christ

Mute six-year-old boy begins to talk, his amazed parents accept Jesus Christ

High caste Hindu women turn to Jesus Christ after witnessing miraculous healings for relatives

Large tumor on high caste Hindu woman’s back miraculously shrinks and disappears

Woman with issue of blood for six months miraculously healed, man healed from sickle cell; all accept Christ

BAPTIZED!!! An extraordinary miracle through an illiterate believer brings an entire Hindu family to Christ

Man with very high blood pressure admitted to hospital after fainting and collapsing, healed in Jesus’ name!

A Hindu couple childless after four years was considered cursed; the doctor said they would never have children…

Samir’s parents feared for their son’s life when three people in their village died from similar demonic attack

An extraordinary miracle through an illiterate believer brings an entire Hindu family to Christ in the New Year

Elderly man in a moment miraculously healed from sickle cell anemia, new house church planted in his home

High caste Brahmin woman whose husband taught for Fundamentalist Hindus miraculously delivered from demonic chokehold

Demon-infested home cleansed in Jesus’ name, family accepts Christ

The Bhandari Tribe has been reached with the gospel as woman is set free from spell of witchcraft

Young woman with incurable sickle cell anemia miraculously healed; accepts Christ with husband

Woman suffering from spondylitis and unable to afford surgery stands up straight; entire family turns to Jesus

Man’s blood sugar drops miraculously from 500 to 200; accepts Christ

Woman bitten by rabid dog and seized by nonstop vomiting miraculously healed; accepts Christ

Like the woman with the bleeding in Mark 5, Kabita was healed of an issue of blood; family believes

Elderly man paralyzed & bedridden for six months gets up in Jesus’ name

Scans couldn’t uncover why a man had excruciating pain…the doctor said there was nothing…

Anita miraculously healed of long-term asthma and difficulty breathing; accepts Christ

Poor woman bedridden with arthritis for months gets up and walks normally, accepts Christ with family

Recently baptized high caste woman ministers supernaturally to astonished Hindu relatives

Man bitten twice by poisonous cobra and not expected to survive…BUT God…!

Woman gets up and walks after suffering a stroke, entire family accepts Jesus

Within two months 7-8 villages in dangerous Maoist-controlled regions reached with the gospel

Nurse who tested positive for COVID-19 miraculously healed; accepts Jesus with husband

He couldn’t walk or move for months but was miraculously healed in the name of Christ; then baptized!

Hindu girl beaten up by family, kicked out of her home after accepting Christ now BAPTIZED…and more

Depressed & weakening due to unstoppable bleeding, Lalita accepted Jesus after being miraculously healed

The doctor said it would take years for him to recover from his severe back injury, BUT GOD…

Bedridden elderly woman with COVID-19 co-morbidities diabetes & high blood pressure couldn’t talk or move, BUT GOD…

Man set free from seizures like the boy in Matthew 17 whom the disciples failed to heal…explanation?

Symptoms of COVID-19 vanish from two Hindu men after our worker ministers to them in Jesus’ name

Many times the legion of demons would laugh and challenge Sonali’s parents to “bring someone with more power!”

Little girl suffering from completely untreatable skin disease miraculously healed; parents accept Christ

Boy driven by demon to stay in jungle despite the efforts of his Hindu family; set free by Jesus

Sorcerer turns to our workers after other witchdoctors put unbreakable curses on his own daughter

Bitten by a deadly snake, Sumitra lay unconscious for 3 days after anti-venom injection failed to help…

INDIA: Demon-possessed man who was blind and feverish healed in Jesus’ name

As a Hindu worshiped her god, her candle goes out 3 times. The god Saibaba appears & says “Jesus is the one true God”…

Hare Krishna delivered from 20 years of demon-possession; now wants to live for Jesus

A severe heart condition kept Kali in bed for a week, and there was no treatment available in her village…

For six long years Akura suffered from SICKLE CELL ANEMIA. On his way to the market one day he lost consciousness…

Woman in India tormented by villagers (and husband) for being childless after 8 years of marriage, but GOD…

Man whose blood pressure shot up dangerously was paralyzed, couldn’t see, couldn’t talk…

Since her pregnancy five years earlier, Janaki was stricken by a disease leaving her essentially paralyzed…

During labor she couldn’t give birth…the doctor advised an operation which her family couldn’t afford…

Elderly woman paralyzed & confined to bed for a month following a severe stroke miraculously healed by Jesus

Just a few of our 472 (and counting) house churches planted by our harvest workers in India since 2018

Demonized woman would not eat, bathe, or dress properly…a sorcerer, a priest, even a Hindu sect failed to help…

12-year-old boy named Harsha deaf in one ear for six years can now hear in Jesus’ name

Senior Leader of Sanatana Dharma Hindu People Group in India miraculously healed & accepts Christ

“Despite the lockdown our outreaches…are going smoothly” with entire families believing

Desperate high caste Brahmin father of boy with failed kidneys prays to Hindu god, and the face of Jesus appears…

Ministry DURING LOCKDOWN: for 3 months Sukanti had been unable to sleep after being attacked by a vicious demon…

Penetrating an unreached people group in India called the Sunari through an instant miracle of deliverance from the demonic

Elderly woman confined to bed for over 3 months following bad fall gets up instantly in Jesus’ name and walks

REGIONAL HEAD in India comes to Christ following miraculous healing and deliverance from demon attacks

High caste Hindu couple baptized as followers of Jesus after miraculous deliverance from horrid demons

The astounding story of a man named Happy who lives in Punjab, India

Woman with cancer attacking 90% of uterus healed; she & her husband (healed from 2-month fever) believe

Jesus Christ heals totally paralyzed woman. She and her family accept the Lord.

Santi had diabetes, felt very weak and would vomit. After Jesus healed her, her family accepted the Lord.

Wife of high caste Hindu couple impoverished after hiring sorcerers set free; couple accepts Jesus

Former Brahmin priest with stomach infection from curse healed as two long hairs expelled from his mouth

Hindu woman with paralyzing stroke couldn’t walk or eat; after Jesus healed her miraculously the entire family believes

Various sorcerers fail to free young man from 6 months of severe demonic attack, then our workers summoned…

Man tormented nightly by savage demons and unable to wear pants due to dreadful hemorrhoids…

Paban, a poor daily labourer, had a tumor in his stomach but couldn’t afford the operation…but God healed him

After sorcerers fail to stop mystifying demonic activity in home of Hindu couple, our workers summoned…

Well-known doctors & sorcerers fail to help young woman from high caste Hindu family deranged for 12 years, then…

Idols end up in the river after high caste Hindu miraculously healed of cancer in Jesus’ name

God uses three-and-a-half-year-old girl to heal Hindu man with severe headache about to go to hospital

During COVID-19 lockdown in India, our Elijah Challenge workers reach two Unreached People Groups

High caste Hindu woman healed, throws out houseful of idols; severely demonized woman set free, family believes

Woman barren for 8 years now 7 months pregnant, mentally-ill man healed, woman’s deaf ear opened—all accept Jesus

Brickmaker healed of heart disease returns to work; paralytic healed; children set free from full moon attacks

Ten-year-old daughter of upper-class Hindu parents bitten 114 times on hands and legs by invisible spirits…

Woman very weak from cancer who stopped eating miraculously healed; family accepts Jesus Christ

Woman in India shunned after 12 years of barrenness now pregnant…accepts Christ along with her husband!

Broken and depressed man miraculously healed from hopeless cancer, he & his family accept Christ

House haunted by strange sounds now hosts weekly fellowship; dying paralytic gets up & begins to walk

60-year-old man bedridden with severe arthritis experiences healing power of Jesus Christ and gets up

House haunted by strange sounds cleansed, now church meets there weekly; dying paralytic gets up & begins to walk

INDIA: Wondrous healings from severe mental disorders bring families to Jesus Christ

Two women tormented by Hindu goddesses Kali & Durga; both set free in the name of Jesus Christ 

Powerful miraculous healings bring 300 souls to Christ at Elijah Challenge Event in India

Devoted Hindu woman from high caste miraculously healed of severe disease; now serving the Lord with her husband

“Due to their traditions and religion, most Hindus who are sick do not want to be prayed over by our workers. But when they have exhausted all other avenues and there is hope from neither doctors, priests nor sorcerers, they come to us. It is indeed a challenge for us, but God is faithful to perform magnificent supernatural healings through our workers.  We are seeing that all such people—Hindus who come to us as a last resort—are miraculously healed and then accept Christ as Lord and Savior.”

Man from high caste Hindu family with completely broken legs miraculously healed; family accepts Christ

Hindu family dedicates boy born with crooked leg to the ministry of the gospel after extraordinary miracle

After sorcerer fails to help, demon-possessed woman set free in Jesus’ name by trained workers and the family accepts Christ; high caste Hindu woman healed & saved…and much more

Sorcerers/witchdoctors outdone by Elijah Challenge workers (á la Mt. Carmel); sickle cell anemia miraculously healed…and MORE

Girl attends festival where Hindu priests walk on burning coals and is attacked by a demon causing her to be unable to breathe…

After seeking help in vain from Hindu temple and Muslim masjid, woman with sugar diabetes experiences supernatural healing from our Lord Jesus; painful stomach tumor disappears; paralysis healed; seizures cease

After a sorcerer told parents that their boy would not survive, they went home crying and sobbing. BUT on the way they happened to cross paths with our Elijah Challenge workers… PLUS miraculous healing from alcoholism, kidney disease, stroke

INDIA: Paralyzed woman and paralyzed man get up and walk as our trained workers minister in Jesus’ name. And MORE…

Woman with malaria in her brain causing mind disorder & speech disability healed instantly—both mentally and physically. Her family accepts Christ. Paralytic healed. And more.

A young boy’s head was developing abnormally. Treatment in a hospital didn’t help. Our workers ministered to him, and his head was restored. The family accepted Jesus. And much more…

As Elijah Challenge workers minister to a paralyzed woman, she feels the power of Jesus Christ in her body. She gets up and walks. Her entire family accepts Jesus. (Elsewhere, Hindu man sacrifices daughter to idol)

2020: A young mother of three with her entire body swollen from kidney disease was sent home from a major hospital. After our workers ministered to her, the swelling disappeared. She and her husband stopped worshiping idols, and accepted Christ. Plus more…

“We are seeing that all such people—Hindus who come to us as a last resort—are miraculously healed and then accept Christ as Lord and Savior”

Sick Hindu woman from high caste miraculously healed and is now very happy with her new life in Christ. But her alcoholic husband might beat her severely when he finds out. Please pray for her!

More CHRISTMAS testimonies of supernatural healing from hideous diseases, deliverance from horrid demons, and Hindus turning to Christ for eternal life!

CHRISTMAS Testimonies! Cheated by sorcerer, man with severe chest pain miraculously healed through our trained workers & accepts Christ…and much more

“Only God can help him” admitted the doctor. But then God did. And more…

Harvest time workers doing the works that Jesus did: cancer, kidney disease, TB healed, demonized man speaks after dumb spirit cast out

On Sunday, November 3, 2019 seventeen house churches met for the first time in 17 villages newly reached by our local workers. Based on the current rate, they will have planted over 700 house churches within the span of the three years 2018-2020.

Man suffering from kidney disease resulting in swelling in leg and severe pain miraculously healed; entire family accepts Christ…and much more

Depressed woman with crippling spondylitis wanting to die after unsuccessful operation miraculously healed by the Lord; she and husband accept Jesus & more

Mentally-ill insane woman treated at hospitals to no avail; the demon then cast out by our trained local workers — three families accept Christ & more

Our co-worker wrote regarding such results: “In India very few missions are involved in healing the sick and casting out demons, and most of them do ministry through track distribution, film projects and other such channels. But we do ministry exactly as Jesus did. Where there are miraculous healings and deliverance, there will always be people who accept our Lord Jesus.” In 2020 we will train, send and support approximately 100 more harvest workers to reach more unreached regions in India.

High caste Hindu man in India refuses to worship idols after miraculously healed by “my precious Lord Jesus” & more

After false servants of God who ask for money fail to heal suffering woman, Elijah Challenge workers summoned…& more

INDIA: Sick boy and family tormented by demon spirits at night healed and set free after sorcerer fails; they accept Christ & more

Orissa, India: Four-year-girl sacrificed by temple priest in order to gain more demon power & more

New believers no longer cultivating illegal drugs to make a living after life-changing miracles and transformation through Jesus Christ & more

Young woman needing advanced treatment for breast cancer healed; man’s potentially cancerous boil requiring expensive operation vanishes, three families accept Christ & more

Eyesight of nearly blind woman miraculously restored; man demonized while relieving himself outside at night set free & more

After 3 days of fruitless efforts by Hindu priest, Elijah Challenge workers step in to drive out powerful demon from man; 3 families accept Christ & more

Man possessed by demons after cutting down “their” tree set free by our workers after well-known sorcerer fails after repeated attempts & more

Man with incurably decaying hand miraculously healed: entire village amazed, church planted & more

Elderly man suffering from chronic heart disease now runs with no problem; goes around testifying Jesus healed him & more

Man’s bent crooked leg miraculously straightened; welcomes house church into his home & more

Hospital nurses refer seriously-ill kidney patient to Elijah Challenge workers! (& more)

INDIA: “Haunted house” nearly abandoned by family now venue for house church & more

Village chief turns to Jesus after abusive husband in village delivered from alcohol remotely at a distance; church planted in chief’s home & more

Bedridden woman suffering for years gets up & walks following extraordinarily persistent ministry & more

Village chief plus 9 families accept Christ after miraculous healing; church planted in his home & more

Diabetes, asthma, demonization, extreme chest pain miraculously healed in Jesus’ name & more

Stomach tumor shrinks & vanishes through the magnificent healing power of Jesus Christ & more

Sickle Cell Anemia healed; water miraculously appears in dry well; speech impediment healed as in Mark 7:33 & more

The Elijah Challenge equips nameless harvest workers to reach resistant people groups fruitfully by training them to heal the sick miraculously and consistently as Jesus did and as he promised that believers would do (John 14:11-12)—as irrefutable evidence that Jesus is the Messiah and the only way to the One True God who created the heavens and the earth.

INDIA: Perseverance in ministering to the sick and possessed results in extraordinary miracles

“Our workers are going from village to village, healing the sick, casting out demons, and preaching the gospel”

INDIA: Dying new mother miraculously healed, mute 4-year-old speaks, stomach tumor disappears in Jesus’ name.

Thirty “Chamars” from the downtrodden Dalit tribe in India accept Christ after sick children miraculously healed by Jesus

Childless wife gives birth to baby & marriage restored; mental disorder miraculously healed

Remote village turns to Jesus Christ after frightening demonic manifestations cease

Satrughna & Uttara powerfully set free from demon attacks

Kidney failure, severe jaundice, heart disease, tumor miraculously healed; demon attack ceases in Jesus’ name

Man with terminal kidney disease experiences the Lord’s miraculous healing power

Photo: a house church & newly-reached village

The sick miraculously healed, demons cast out in Jesus’ name, the unreached accept Jesus Christ

Following Jesus Christ in water baptism

PERSISTENCE in ministering healing with power and authority results in amazing miracles & fruitful harvests

Kidnap victim miraculously released in India; 11 house churches planted in 12 days in April 2019

INDIA: Astonished crowd gathers around man mute for 12 years as he begins to speak

INDIA: Eighteen house churches planted so far in March 2019 (as of March 23) in unreached villages

INDIA: Powerful demons cast out result in 4 new house churches

INDIA: Nineteen house churches planted in the month of January

100 house churches with 3,000 new believers in India planted in one year by 72 newly-trained workers

Trained workers in India healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God – September 2018

28 new house churches planted by trained workers: January-August 2018

Reports of the miraculous with Elijah Challenge workers in the harvest field of India

INDIA: Witchcraft and false gods put to shame by the Living God through trained disciples

Reports of the miraculous with trained workers in the harvest field of India (Luke 10:2)

Finding the “man of peace” of Luke 10 through a powerful miraculous healing

“Ordinary” harvest workers in India doing the miraculous works that Jesus did (cf. John 14:11-12)

Village chief in India accepts Jesus Christ following miraculous healing of demon-possessed daughter

Training local gospel workers in India as Jesus trained his disciples in the gospels

God uses newly-trained disciples to heal man suffering from severe stroke; family believes

Boy in India miraculously healed from sickle cell anemia; five Hindu families accept Christ

Miraculous healings bring resistant Hindus to Christ in Orissa, India

Dying Hindu leader in India healed in Jesus’ name, accepts Christ

INDIA — Disciples going from village to village & door to door fulfilling Luke 10:9