If you or someone you know needs healing from COVID-19

“Thank you so much for your intercessory and financial support for the work of the gospel in India.”

“This last week we’ve been receiving several calls every day and every night from people afflicted with COVID-19. It seems as if we’re living in Old Testament times. The death rate is unbelievable.”

“For a few days Sister Indumati (above & below), one of our new believers, had fever, coughing, and vomiting. She then tested positive for COVID. Her condition was serious. But her family did not let us know. The day before yesterday when she was in the final stage of COVID, her husband called us over the phone. They have two baby boys, and hearing the news about Indumati we were beyond concerned.

Despite the restrictions on visiting people with the virus, my wife and I rushed over to their home and ministered to Indumati in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. By that time she had just about lost hope and had committed her life into God’s hands. When we arrived she was vomiting uncontrollably. But as soon as we ministered to her, she stopped vomiting. God was merciful and healed Indumati. Praise the Lord!”


“Another couple named Hrudayanand Meher and Rina (below) had both tested positive with COVID. They had been quarantined at home. They know us, but were not followers of Jesus. Their condition deteriorated and they got weaker and weaker. Finally when breathing became difficult for them, they called me over the phone. We ministered to them in Jesus’ name, and at that moment Hrudayanand and Rina were miraculously healed. They now believe in Jesus, and call me everyday asking me more about our Lord.”


Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in India
May 10, 2021


Praise reports from Paramita, Elijah Challenge-trained maidservant of God based in India

“We have been ministering to the following people with COVID-19:

– one person admitted to hospital on 5th, given Remdesivir medication, stable today, might be discharged tomorrow
– family of 5 tested positive, started ministering everyday, had only mild symptoms and weakness, today tested negative
– family of 4 recovered with mild symptoms
– couple tested positive with fever and tiredness, started ministering from Friday, today oxygen levels normal, feeling stronger
– multiple names where people have got discharged from hospitals, and have recovered or are recovering
– multiple instances of people moving from ICU wards to go home with their families

Other testimonies:

– someone with kidneys and bladder issues – feeling better now, formal medical tests will take place may be next month
– one lady’s hand mobility and sensation restored
– multiple instances of healing from stress, anxiety, etc.

Having experienced the Lord’s blessings, now people are asking for prayers for their neighbors and colleagues.

Someone (recovering from COVID-19) was enquiring for a ‘healer’, so I introduced to her our Lord Jesus as The Healer, I ministered to her, she felt better immediately, asked for prayers for her daughter. Then I ministered to her daughter, and she immediately felt better. The next day (Sunday) – I shared with her the link for an online church service.”

“An elderly 86-year-old woman tested positive for COVID, and we were trying to get her a bed in the hospital. She was already on oxygen…meanwhile, we ministered to her in the Name of our Lord Jesus. After that her condition stabilized, and she was doing pretty well. Her oxygen levels were maintained even though no longer being given oxygen. I believe this is a miracle considering she is also being treated for asthma.”

May 9, 2021


Reports from Elijah Challenge-trained Dermatologist Dr. Jasmin Jamora in the Philippines

  • A woman named Nelia was healed from COVID-19 pneumonia and was discharged from the hospital.
  • The following individuals were healed from COVID-19: Gin, Don, R. Love, Arthur, Irene, Preciosa, Ahzia