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Heal the Sick & Tell them the Kingdom of God is Near

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We have over 2,000 articles documenting miraculous healings from around the world on our website. Below are two of our most recent featured articles!   THE ELIJAH CHALLENGE TRAINING in Wisconsin, USA July 12-14, 2024            

Mission Statement

Our mission is to train the trainers to raise up an army of one million harvest workers to be sent to the Lord’s unreached harvest fields inhabited by people groups highly resistant to the gospel—to reach one billion souls for our Messiah Jesus fulfilling the Great Commission during these very Last Days.

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Effective Evangelism Training

Our ministry pattern is the based on the ministries of Elijah (1 Kings 18), John the Baptist (Luke 1:17), Jesus Christ (Mark 6) and His disciples (Luke 9). We train believers how to heal the sick miraculously and consistently by the authority of Jesus as compelling evidence He is the Messiah and the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


Sending Harvest Workers

We send highly-trained harvest workers to India and other unreached regions—just as Jesus sent the 72 disciples out two-by-two (Luke 10:9). Like the early disciples in Acts, our harvest workers are now witnessing consistent, powerful miracles resulting in extraordinary harvests of souls as they go from village to village.

Open-Air Evangelistic Events

We also send teams of trained workers to unreached villages for events where crowds of villagers will gather together to hear the gospel, to be healed of their infirmities and set free from demons, and to be fed a satisfying meal. Hundreds of people typically accept Christ at each event.


“You have the most Biblically sound teaching on the subject of signs and wonders, healing, faith and all related subjects including the Charismatic gift of healing and the James 5 model of healing. I am familiar with most of the well-known teachings on these subjects, and your exegesis, exposition as well as the signs and wonders that follow your teaching are unmatched.”

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“We have been serving in the Livingstone, Zambia, as trainers and teachers of the Gospel over the last 21 years. A benchmark took place when we met Brother W. during our first visit to a Sunday school class (Houston, 2005) and they shared the teaching of The Elijah Challenge.  This teaching has greatly impacted our teaching and personal ministry. 

– Light of Africa, Read More

“The Elijah Challenge Training is a gift of God for the Church today in her ministry as witness to Christ.  This Training shows the way to return to an exercise of the power and authority of Christ in healing and evangelism, which is a truly biblical method of outreach.

– Dr. Benjamin Yoo, Director Stanley Jones College, Read More

“The weekend when we hosted The Elijah Challenge may go down as one of the greatest weekends in the history of Full Life Assembly of God.  The Elijah Challenge teaching was one of the clearest and most systematic presentations of the Great Commission that I have ever heard.

– General Presbyter, Tennessee Assemblies of God, Read More

“I want to sincerely and deeply appreciate your love toward me over the years. The Elijah Challenge Training has made my walk with God very sweet. It has made the work of the ministry committed into my hands easy and very successful.”

– Rev. Emmanuel Rhema, Read More

“In the first 20-plus years of my ministry, only about ten people were healed through my prayer. But in 2005, when Grace, my wife and I learned from the founder of The Elijah Challenge about using the scriptural method [of authority] to minister healing, my ministry was forever transformed.  In the last 12 years, we have about 10,000 healing testimonies.

– Rev. Albert Kang, Read More

“After reading and watching your videos, I have healed those with broken legs from accidents, healed hypertension, barrenness of five years, one case of fibroids, one case of HIV and one case of asthma. I have healed several cases of ulcer as well just by laying hands and releasing the word of authority. My target now is to heal everyone I minister to.

– Pr. David Owuna, Read More

“Firstly, your two-day training was absolutely amazing. We have been to Evangelism training sessions by some well-known leaders but this training far exceeded what we had been taught in the past. We appreciate so much your humility, love and passion that you have to fulfill your Last Days assignment and your fear of God is clearly evident. We love how your teachings are strictly according to the Word of God.

– Pr. Donnell Vigers, Church on Fire Christian Center, Read More

“I received an appointment in July 2014 to become District Superintendent of the  Long Island West District of the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Through the church conferences in my district, I shared with pastors and lay leaders…how to exercise authority in the name of Jesus. In each church there were many healings, including cancers and improvements. Glory to God!

– New York District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church, Read More

“They might be disdained by John MacArthur on one extreme and Benny Hinn on the other, but they quietly circle the world in the balance of Word and Spirit, bringing multitudes to Christ and leaving biblical churches in their wake.

Senior Associate Pastor at Second Baptist Church, HoustonRead More