“Asharani, a woman born of a high-caste Brahmin family, suffered from a kidney infection. She worked as a nurse in a hospital. But through one of her staff she heard about our Elijah Challenge ministry. Without informing her Brahmin husband, Asharani came to us accompanied by a friend. After we ministered to her in the name of our Messiah Jesus, she was wonderfully and miraculously healed from the infection. Then Asharani brought her son to us to be prayed for regarding his studies. Eventually she came and attended our house church and cottage meetings in different places—but all in secret.

Then her husband found out that she had accepted Jesus Christ and was attending our meetings. He was furious with her and warned her very strictly. His family was well-known as devoted Hindus.

This made Asharani very sad, often bringing her to tears. We comforted her and told her to wait and see how the Lord would work it out for her. We continued to pray for her husband.

After a few months her husband developed infections in his liver, his kidney and in his urinary function. Their doctor advised them to go to the advanced hospital in the state capital for treatment, but Asharani instead brought him to us. By that time both his legs were swollen. He was unable to sit, to stand, and even to eat.

We ministered to Asharani’s husband in the wondrous name of our Messiah Jesus. Within a few days he was completely healed of all the infections. He could hardly believe that he was healed so quickly. We then shared the gospel with him after which he made the decision to put his faith in Jesus as his only Lord and Savior. He then gave up his habitual drinking and smoking.

Asharani’s husband is a professional contractor.

Every morning now he wakes up and prays fervently for his family—well-known for their devoted worship of Hindu gods. During their worship his own mother would be possessed by the goddess Devi.

Please pray for his family, especially his mother who is now urging them to return to the gods and goddesses of Hinduism. But Asharani and her husband themselves remain firm in their faith in Jesus.”

Elijah Challenge Worker in Orissa, India