On the morning of Thursday, May 13, we received an email from Joe, a disciple of Jesus Christ.

“We attended our men’s gathering over the past weekend, and now this week several of the men have been tested with COVID-19. 

…So this morning I woke up and feel like there is some sickness trying to affect my health. I have praised the Lord and worshipped Him and proclaimed Psalms 91 over me, but I felt I was supposed to reach out to you today and see if maybe I could call one of your team members and have them pray over me.  …We have several guys that I would love to call and rebuke this sickness off of if you are willing to help me out today!”

I responded to Joe sharing with him that we’re now receiving reports of trained disciples healing people with COVID-19:

INDIA: Miraculous healings from COVID-19 bring Hindus to Christ

Miraculous healings from COVID-19 in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

Then I put Joe in contact with our trained co-worker Sam Doland. Later that same morning, Joe emailed me.

“Thank you so much, I put brother Eddie on a conference call and we both had Sam minister to us. We both feel so much better. I had aches in my back and was overall just feeling bad and my brother Eddie had a headache and sinus.

I was so encouraged by this that I immediately called and ministered to another brother who had back pain and sinus plugged up, his sinus all opened and his pain left him. I could audibly hear the difference in his voice and it was a big faith builder for me as well.

God bless you for your obedience. I pray we will meet someday.”

If you or someone you know needs healing from COVID-19