“Thank you so much for your intercessory and financial support.  I wanted to share a very interesting testimony regarding an uneducated and illiterate woman.

Toward the end of January 2021 Sabitri, living in an unreached Fundamentalist Hindu region, was miraculously delivered from demons. She accepted Christ and without delay was baptized. She began witnessing for Jesus. (See God uses brand-new believer to perform extraordinary miracle and to witness for Jesus BOLDLY.)

A few days later sick and demonized people began coming to her home. Many were healed and delivered from demons. (If she had to deal with something difficult, she would call me.) More and more people started coming to her from her village as well as from a nearby village. By the grace of God, many of them accepted Jesus Christ.

Sabitri started a house church in her home, and now every evening between twelve and fifteen people would gather for teaching and prayer. Since she is illiterate, her daughter would read from the Bible for her. Sabitri also calls us for prayer. In this way, she has reached three villages as she testifies about the Lord’s power to heal, deliver, and save.

Yesterday Sabitri brought fifteen of her new believers to our home—far away from her village. We had prayer with them, and encouraged Sabitri to continue growing in the Lord.

In India women, especially among the Hindus, are very attached to their culture and related religious traditions. But thank God for Sister Sabitri whom He has chosen to follow and serve Him.

Please pray for Sabitri and her new ministry.”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in India
June 10, 2021

Sabitri standing second from the right