For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord (Isaiah 54:10).

This New Year God did wonderful things through Bethel Church and the Elijah Challenge trained-pastors associated with us. In the month of January Pastor Shakuntla went to Pune city of Maharashtra for a two-day meeting. This is the place where she had the opportunity to spread the gospel for the first time, and great wonders of God were revealed there.

We had 2 major gospel meeting and feeding events there in January. The first meeting was held in Wagholi in the district of Pune in the state of Maharashtra. Pastor Ashok Rathor organised the first gospel meeting that was attended by over 225 people. As the word was preached by Pastor Shakuntla, eight people were delivered from evil spirits. Many other testified of healings from bone problem, neck pain, headache and back pain. And over 30 people accepted Jesus Christ.


The second meeting was organised by Pastor Saritha for the women leaders and workers in the same city of Wagholi, Pune, Maharashtra. Over 150 women attended this meeting and 8 women accepted Lord Jesus as Saviour when Pastor Shakuntla preached the word and prayed over the sick and needy. So many people testified of being miraculously healed, and seven people received deliverance from evil spirits. When Pastor Shakuntla was praying for the people, God gave a prophetic word for a sister that she should not worry about whatever property case she was facing and that she is going to get the refund today.  That sister told Pastor Shakuntala later that the property case was won in the name of Jesus Christ.


This month God gave us the opportunity to go among the handicapped, beggars and rag pickers to share the good news with them. We preached the word of Jesus Christ to those people and gave them winter blankets and served food. After hearing the gospel some people started coming to the church. Jesus did many wonderful things in their lives.

Pastor Hanok Nathaniel, who is in Chhattisgarh, went to Kanpur and started a home church. A home church has also been started in Meerut, which is being looked after by Pastor Pramod Kumar.

Our associate pastors and ministry workers continue to have small group meeting and house meetings in Delhi and other areas of north India. This month we had more than 26 small group and house meetings. We continue to strengthen the congregation in the word though our weekly bible studies with Brother Nishant David every Saturday. We also continue to have 3 days fasting prayer service on the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th of every month.

We thank Lord Jesus for his great mercy and love. We thank Him for His marvellous works and give Him all the glory, honour and praise. We also thank all our ministry partners and supporters for their prayer, support and love. May Lord Jesus continue to bless you all.