Message to us from our Coordinator in India—now the most populous nation in on earth

“Yesterday I got a very encouraging call from a senior leader of the Church of North India known as CNI. [CNI is the largest mainline denomination in northern India, equivalent to the Southern Baptist Convention in the USA].

He said to me that you (referring to The Elijah Challenge) are changing the ideology of people. They think that Christianity is a foreign religion. In India Christianity is only for lower class people groups. [But] we see the high caste Hindus coming to Christ through your ministry. It’s really changing history.

The senior leader was astonished to know our ministry. He later advised us to be very careful when baptizing the high caste Hindus [water baptism is also against the law in the state of Orissa/Odisha].

All the glory to God alone. Thank you for the courage and boldness we received from your teaching.”

Later Pastor Subodh spoke to the leader of the Church of North India again, offering to train the servants of God in their mainline denomination with The Elijah Challenge. The leader was delighted to hear this and discussed the possibility with his colleagues. Afterwards he got back to Pastor Subodh proposing dates in upcoming months for him to hold The Elijah Challenge Training for the Church of North India leaders. 


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