Praise Report – December 2021

“We praise God for His wonderful works as we end 2021. The work of the Lord continues and we give all Praise and Glory to our Lord Jesus. We had one big gospel meeting and feeding event in the main city of Ferozepur, Punjab. This meeting was attended by over 500 people and about 185 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Pastor Shakuntala preached the word of God and prayed over sick and needy. The meeting was also attended by a local Member of Legislative Assembly. So many people heard the gospel for the first time and gave their lives to Jesus. Many people testified of healing and deliverance. A crippled woman got healed as she heard the message. She started walking even before laying of hands and prayer time. Four people were delivered from evil spirits and many people testified of healings from backache, knee ache and migraine.


Another gospel meeting and feeding event was organized in Village Buigon, Chattisgarh, by Pastor Hanok Nathaniel. This is the first time a gospel meeting was held in this village and the people heard about Jesus for the first time. Over 350 people attended this meeting and more than 130 people accepted Lord Jesus as their Saviour when Pastor Hanok preached the word. So many people testified of healings and over 10 people received deliverance from evil spirits. A man who had his ankle bone protruding reported on the following day of the meeting that his bone was back in its place. Another woman reported after two days that her kidney stones got flushed out of her body after prayer.


Bethel church had its annual Christmas gospel event in Delhi. The Christmas program was attended by over 480 people, mostly non-Christian friends and families of our church members. Pastor Simon started this many years ago and this event has been very effective and fruitful in winning the souls for Christ. Christmas is an excellent opportunity to share the gospel with non-Christian friends. As in the past, this year too over 200 people gave their lives to Jesus. Pastor Shakuntala and other church senior members will follow up and continue to guide these new believers.


Similar Christmas events were organized by some of our associate pastors at their churches. Pastor Anil had a Christmas event at their church in New Delhi. Over 150 people attended this program and about 40 people accepted Jesus Christ.


Pastor Dayanand also organized a Christmas event in Gorakhpur. This event was attended by over 300 people and about 85 people came to the Lord at this Christmas event.


Pastor Hanok Nathaniel also had a Christmas event at their church in Vilaspur, Chattisgarh. The event had over 300 people in attendance and over 80 people accepted Jesus as Pastor Hanok preached the message.


Pastor Raj Kumar also had a Christmas event in Shajahanpur. More than 150 people attended the Christmas event and about 35 people accepted Jesus in this event.



With the rise of Covid cases in Delhi and as per the government orders Bethel Church in Delhi went back to online service. The church will reopen doors when the government allows in-person church service. The church also continues to have online bible study with Nishant David every Saturday and 3 days fasting prayer service on the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd of every month and a weekly fasting prayer every Friday.

We thank all our ministry partners and supporters for their support and love.

May the grace of Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!”

Sister Veronica David
January 10, 2022