“I want to share this testimony.

On 12 June 2021, our fellowship previous leader, Sundar Thapa requested me to command healing for his relative (thulo ama) who had so many large sores all over her body from head to toe. This started 15 months ago and in the last week, the sores grew so large and raw that she was not able to sleep, get up from bed, walk, move her arms or move her head. She had to be carried from the bed to a chair and back to the bed daily. As we were commanding healing in Jesus’ Name, the sore on her neck just started to dry up! After that, she was able to move her head which she couldn’t move her head from right to left due to the large sore on her neck. After commanding healing for her legs, she could stand up and walk! In this video, as we commanded healing for the foot, the pus started coming out and she felt so much better.  Praise God! Hallelujah!”

– Brother Tee Joo Tatt, Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Nepal