In September 2020 we posted the following: “A young Hindu girl named Padma began attending the prayer service in a remote village where one of our Elijah Challenge house churches had been meeting. The Lord graciously touched her and Padma accepted Jesus Christ. Her father asked her to stop going, but she kept coming to the service. Last week her father and brother grabbed Padma and beat her up. They threatened to kick her out of the house if she didn’t stop attending our meetings. She would not give in to them, and so our worker took her into his home for a few days. Yesterday for her safety our workers brought her to our home. Now she is staying with us.”

Padma has been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ!

The original article is PLEASE PRAY for Padma, a Hindu girl beaten up by family, kicked out of her home after accepting Christ.

In the same month we posted the following: “Our God is so great. One of our believers had shared about Jesus with a Hindu family. Later one day a woman in the family named Mrs. Babita was worshiping her Hindu god in front of a burning candle. Mysteriously, the flame went out three times for no apparent reason. Then the popular Hindu god Saibaba appeared to her. Saibaba told her that Jesus is the one and only God, and that she should pray to Him.

Mrs. Babita phoned our believer and shared with her what Saibaba had told her. After that the believer took us to her home where she shared with us about a sickness from which she had been suffering. We ministered to her in the name of Jesus Christ, and she was miraculously healed. Mrs. Babita then accepted Jesus as her only Lord and Savior. Now we are having worship in her home.”

Mrs. Babita was baptized along with Padma!

The original article is: As a Hindu worshiped her god, her candle goes out 3 times. The god Saibaba appears & says “Jesus is the one true God”…


Padma is on the right next to Mrs. Babita