Praise Report from Elijah Challenge Servants of God in North India – October 2022

Revelation 15:4 Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee…                                                                                                                                                 

“While the opposition in Punjab has begun following the latest publication in the several newspapers and leading magazines that a large number of Sikhs are accepting Jesus and the number of believers is on the rise in Punjab, we still managed to have two meetings in Punjab in October.”

“The first feeding event and gospel meeting took place at Pind Fattuwala in Ferozepur district. Pastor Balwinder made the meeting arrangements on the barley fields in this village as Pastor Shakuntala preached to a gathering of 200 people mostly from Sikh and Hindu background. Over 40 people responded to alter call and accepted Jesus as their Saviour. A woman who came with a stiff neck was healed immediately. Another woman who had her knee replacement surgery a few months ago and she was in tremendous pain was also healed immediately and testified to the crowd. Many other people testified of healing from back pain, shoulder pain and migraine. A girl named Anita was set free from the evil spirit. After she was possessed by the evil spirit a year ago, she had not taken bath in the past one year. She wasn’t eating food properly and had not spoken to anyone for past one year as she went mute after she got possessed by the evil spirit. She was completely delivered in the meeting and her family reports that she’s eating well, taking bath and talking to everyone normally. Her family has joined Pastor Balwinder’s church. Seven other people were delivered from evil spirits in this meeting. Another woman testified after one week that her broken family was restored as her husband forsook the extra marital affair and returned to his family.”


“The second feeding event and gospel meeting was organized by Pastor Roshan at Village Khudra about 40 km from Ferozepur District. Pastor Simon had a meeting in this area a couple of years ago. However, there was no church in the area. Pastor Roshan kept visiting the area and has recently started a church there. About 190 people attended this meeting. Five people were delivered from evil spirits. One woman became very violent when the evil spirit manifested and the crowd witnessed her deliverance in the name of Jesus. A great move of Holy Spirit was witnessed as many people were touched by the Holy Spirit. About 40 people committed their lives to Jesus. Pastor Roshan will follow up and connect with these precious people. Many people testified of healing from different ailments and pain.”


“Bethel church senior members had 41 house meetings this month. Four new families are added to the church this month through sharing of gospel at the house meetings. In one of these families, a girl was delivered from several evil spirits. Bethel church senior members also carried out house cleansing of all these four families. The idols and hindu worship materials were removed from their houses. House meetings give senior church members an opportunity to share the gospel with friends, family and near ones of our church members who have come from different faiths. Also, this month some of the old members testified that God opened the doors for them to share about Jesus to their families and a lot of them brought new family members to the church.

We continue to have our weekly Bible study online every Saturday with Nishant David. Many people testify that the bible study have helped them grow a deeper relationship with Jesus and a lot of their questions are answered in the bible study session. We also continue to have 3 days fasting prayer service on the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd of every month. The fasting prayer group has grown immensely as the church hall is almost full on the fasting prayer days. This month all the four new families joined us for the three days fasting prayers. They are being regularly supported and counselled by senior members.

We praise Lord Jesus for His goodness, grace and mercy. We also thank all our ministry partners and supporters for their prayers, support and love. May Lord Jesus continue to bless you all.”