December 2023 Elijah Challenge Report from North India

In District Ferozpur, Punjab, the first feeding event and gospel meeting took place. Local pastors extended invitations to people from nearby villages to celebrate Christmas, resulting in an impressive turnout of over 370 attendees, many of whom were Hindus. It was a unique opportunity for these individuals to hear the gospel message, with Pastor Vikas Teji delivering a powerful sermon on the word of God. The impact was profound, as 48 people made the life-changing decision to accept Jesus as their savior. Furthermore, during the event, numerous individuals experienced freedom from evil spirits, which served as a testament to God’s presence. Due to the extreme cold weather conditions and the meeting being held in an open area, testimonies were not possible at the time. However, in the following days, many people approached the local pastors to share their testimonies of healing. One individual had been diagnosed with gallstones and was advised by doctors to undergo surgery. Yet, through prayer, the brother experienced a miraculous healing from Jesus Christ, negating the need for an operation. We give thanks and praise to God for His presence and the transformative impact of this event.


In District Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, another feeding event, and gospel meeting were organized. The event drew a crowd of over 375 individuals, and during the gathering, Pastor Hanok Nathaniel delivered a powerful message on the word of God. The impact was significant, as approximately 60 people made the decision to accept Jesus as their savior. Additionally, 16 individuals experienced deliverance from evil spirits, further showcasing the power of God. Among the testimonies of healing, one stood out. A newborn baby who was struggling to properly feed was prayed for, and as a result, the baby began to feed well. Many others also reported being healed from various diseases. These miraculous occurrences serve as a testament to God’s love and power, bringing hope and transformation to the lives of those in attendance.


Every year, Bethel Church in Delhi organizes Christmas events and gospel meetings. This year was no exception as we extended invitations to friends and relatives of our church members, aiming to share the message of salvation with them. The response was overwhelming, with over 400 individuals attending the first event. It was a joyous occasion as 57 people stepped forward to give their lives to Jesus, including a significant number of young girls and boys. Witnessing their commitment to Christ was truly heartening. The presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable, and we are grateful to share that three families who found salvation during the meeting have now become part of the Bethel Church community. Moreover, we witnessed numerous instances of healing, as many people experienced restoration from various diseases. These remarkable events serve as a testament to the power of God and the transformative impact of the gospel message.


During the second Christmas event, we were delighted to welcome around 150 attendees, primarily consisting of Hindu friends and relatives of our church members. It was a significant occasion as 22 individuals made the decision to surrender their lives to Jesus. The transformative power of the gospel was evident once again, as several individuals experienced deliverance from evil spirits during the meeting. We are thankful to share that five of these newly saved individuals have since joined our church community and are actively participating in church activities. Their commitment and regular attendance serve as a testament to the impact of encountering Christ and finding a spiritual home within our church.


In addition to our other endeavors this month, we have also initiated a home church in Dehradun. Pastor Basant has taken on the responsibility of overseeing this new venture.

We visited six patients in the hospital and prayed for them and shared the word of God. Throughout the month of December, we conducted more than 40 house meetings, bringing our community together in smaller, intimate settings. Additionally, our weekly online Bible study sessions, led by Nishant David, have been consistently held every Saturday. Furthermore, we have maintained our tradition of hosting a three-day fasting prayer service on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of each month. During these dedicated times of prayer, we fervently lift up the prayer requests received by the church, seeking God’s guidance, healing, and intervention.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to the Lord Jesus for His abundant goodness, grace, and mercy upon us. Additionally, we extend our sincere thanks to all our ministry partners and supporters for their unwavering prayers, support, and love. May the blessings of the Lord Jesus continue to shower upon every one of you.