“Every week we go around Bhawanipatna with a few of our believers. Five kilometers outside of town there are no believers at all, only Hindus. Today we did street evangelism outside by healing the sick and sharing the gospel in a totally Hindu village. We ministered to over 50 people, and many of them were miraculously healed. Our harvest workers are so encouraged seeing what the Lord is doing through them.

Due to concerns about security out on the streets, we have not yet taken any photos. Some of those who were healed:

  • A woman was healed from arthritis…soon after we ministered her entire body began to perspire
  • A lady healed from back pain
  • A young lady was healed from a fever she had for three days
  • A man healed from a chest infection
  • A man healed from heart pain
  • An old woman healed from burning in her body
  • A woman healed from asthma
  • And many others were miraculously healed as well.

We are planning to take Sister Rinky to share her testimony so that sick people will come forward to be healed in Jesus’ name.”