The Word of God has impacted the souls of so many people in the year 2021 and we have had so many amazing blessings as individuals and as a group in 2021. When Pastor Simon was amongst us, he used to encourage all of us to come in the forefront and preach the Word. It is heartening to see how God has used all those trained by Pastor Simon Haqq to carry out the Lord’s work that he started.

Although there were COVID restrictions in most parts of the country in January, we were able to hold public meetings in a few states. This month we had two large gospel meetings in Punjab. Pastor Shakuntala preached the word of God and prayed for the sick and needy in a gospel meeting and feeding event in a small town of Pind Hajre, Punjab. The meeting was attended by over 275 people and 96 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. The Holy Spirit spoke through Pastor Shakuntala to many people about their individual lives and all those people committed their lives Jesus. A young girl who had a boil in her lower backside and was not able to stand was healed instantly and she could stand and walk comfortably without pain. At least 8 people were set free from evil spirits. Many other testified of healing from joint pain and migraine.


Another gospel meeting and feeding event was organized in Pind Gajniwala, by Pastor Harmesh Singh. Over 225 people attended this meeting and 88 people accepted Lord Jesus as their Saviour when Pastor Shakuntala preached the word and prayed for the sick and need. So many people testified of healings and 5 people received deliverance from evil spirits. A woman reported after 3 days to Pastor Harmesh Singh that she had boils in her head which started to disappear after the prayer. Another man who had problems in knees and couldn’t walk without a cane, walked freely without cane after prayer. There were many other people who testified that they lived in fear and anxiety and after the prayer they felt light as if some evil cloud left them.


Pastor Hanok Nathaniel has a Bible study group in a small village in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh which faced a lot of persecution from Police and local Hindu Extremist Groups. The Bible study group sought the help of Human Rights Group who helped them form an association with the consent of all the members of the Bible study group. The human Rights Organization has assured full support to the church and Bible study group. They have also extended support in dealing with the local police.


Our associate pastors and ministry workers continue to have small group meetings and house meetings in Delhi and other parts of North India. This month we had more than 42 small group and house meetings.

Bethel Church continued to have online church in January. By God’s grace the restrictions were removed at the end of January and we returned to in-person church service on 6 February. We continue to have online bible study with Nishant David every Saturday and 3 days fasting prayer service on the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd of every month and a weekly fasting prayer every Friday.

We thank all our ministry partners and supporters for their prayers, support and love.

May the grace of Lord Jesus Christ be with you all in this New Year 2022 and always!