Reports and testimonies of miraculous healing from heart disease

Do you know someone with heart disease?

Why authority and power over heart disease?

Over two thousand reports posted on the miraculous from India resulting in 1,700 house churches


Woman with blocked and leaking valves in enlarged heart needed major heart surgery…RUNS in Jesus’ name!


Miraculous closing of hole in heart in the name of Jesus Christ confirmed by medical Echo Study


Man with heart condition runs around the auditorium twice at Elijah Challenge Training held in Kielce Poland in May 2019


Cardiologist confirms Nigerian woman miraculously healed from scars on heart due to three heart attacks in Jesus’ wondrous name!


Little boy Arman miraculously healed from heart condition in the wondrous name of Jesus!


[VIDEO] New York man instantly healed at a distance from severe heart condition in Jesus’ name


[VIDEO] PERSIAN GULF: Woman with debilitating heart condition since childhood RUNS around sanctuary


Hindu man’s severe heart condition resisted treatment by medication, by sorcerers, by offering sacrifices. BUT Jesus…


Alan Runyon: My doctor was ready to send me to the ER for a very distressing heart condition…


Sister Malikupa in Lesotho, Africa instantly set free from constant chest pain due to diagnosed heart disease


As we ministered healing to a woman in CHINA with a heart condition over zoom one evening, a rooster crowed…


Elderly Hindu man needed expensive heart surgery, but was healed in Jesus’ name (for free)…entire family accepts Christ


Baby in womb had no heartbeat. But after our trained pastor ministered, doctor confirmed heartbeat and normal growth


Nigerian man set free from daily symptoms of heart attack


Hindu man miraculously healed from BOTH kidney disease AND heart disease. He and his family accept Jesus Christ


Woman suffering from unbearable pain & weakness due to heart condition miraculously healed; accepts Jesus


Hindu woman with heart disease from poor family miraculously healed; family accepts Jesus


INDIA: many testimonies of heart disease miraculously healed


Dr. Alice Cook: “a physiological anomaly” (or a walking miracle)


85-year-old woman with heart disease started baking and working in her garden


Man with four stents completely healed


Woman with five stents at early stage of congestive heart failure runs effortlessly in Jesus’ name at Training


American Missionary to Haiti healed from heart condition as trained disciples “say the word”


Australian Pastor’s testimony of miraculous healing of heart condition at Elijah Challenge Training Event


Jesus miraculously heals Australian man of heart blockage


Cardiologist: Ischemic/Myocardial Heart Disease miraculously healed over the telephone


“…my heart disease is getting better and my endurance is improving every day”


Woman in Malaysia with severe symptoms of heart disease healed at a distance from Narita Airport in Japan


Brazilian women with heart disease miraculously touched by Jesus Christ


“For the past year suffering heart disease getting worse….”


“House call” results in dangerous symptoms of heart disease vanishing


Man with heart disease holds up adult daughter for ten seconds & feels fine


Miraculous healing at a distance of heart disease between Houston and the Philippines


Symptoms of heart disease disappear at a distance over the telephone


65-year-old woman with heart disease climbs stairs like a thirty-something after healing at a distance


Catholic with heart disease runs and picks up heavy objects


Heart disease & more healed in India


Six people with heart disease run inside sports arena


Symptoms of heart disease in people disappear miraculously at Training


Symptoms of heart disease disappear following ministry via telephone during radio broadcast


Medical Doctor healed of Heart Disease


Symptoms of heart disease disappear completely; arm injury totally healed


Symptoms of heart disease disappear completely; arm injury totally healed


God miraculously heals painful heart disease | September 2009


Symptoms of heart valve disease vanish in Jesus’ name


Why authority and power over heart disease?


Ministry for heart and artery disease, diabetes and high blood pressure


A severe heart condition kept Kali in bed for a week, and there was no treatment available in her village…


PERSIAN GULF: Woman with debilitating heart condition since childhood RUNS around sanctuary


Singaporean miraculously healed from dangerous heart condition, now attending Bible School


NBA Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes miraculously healed of congenital heart failure; testifies at our Gala


Miraculous healing for heart conditions (one healing at a distance) at Elijah Challenge Training


Testimony of man in his eighties with untreatable heart condition


Woman with enlarged heart runs, lifts adult woman off floor for 10 sec


68-year-old Michigan woman needing open heart surgery declared completely healed by doctor after prayer at a distance


Many with heart conditions run around spacious church sanctuary in Malaysia


Many with heart conditions run around spacious church sanctuary in Malaysia


Medically confirmed: Woman in Alabama healed from heart condition by niece in Virginia


Man with heart condition lifts pastor into the air


“When I heal your heart, I will heal My Church’s heart”


Heart transplant doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital amazed


Miracle of Atlantic City minister’s heart condition


Many with Heart Conditions Testify in Umuarama, Brazil


“I’m 71 and have had 17 stents and a quad bypass…shortness of breath and can’t pick up a gallon of milk without extreme pain”…BUT then…


“I have travelled the length, and breath of this world in search for the authentic biblical truth on healings…”


Disciples at Full Life Assembly of God in Tennessee do the works that Jesus did according to John 14:12


Healed by God through a phone call from Australia to the Philippines


Woman healed of cardiovascular problem at a distance


Deep chest pain disappears following ministry at a distance


Woman in the UK healed from angina at a distance from Houston


Miracles among the Hakka Chinese in Taiwan


Multiplied miraculous healings at People’s Baptist Church in Sao Paulo


The Documented Miraculous Healing of Jesse Spencer


David Q. in Communist Country


Multiplied Miraculous Healings at Central Presbyterian Church in Brazil


Impact: the Power of God in Brazil with the mother church of the Assemblies of God in Brazil


The Elijah Challenge in Ivory Coast, West Africa


HISTORIC HEALING REVIVAL at the largest prayer gathering in Burkina Faso, Africa – April 2004


Testimonies of People with Heart Disease


Testimonies of people who had heart disease


Brickmaker healed of heart disease returns to work; paralytic healed; children set free from full moon attacks


Heart disease of high caste Hindu man healed; seizures gone; demons cast out in Jesus’ name and more; Hindus turn to Christ


Man dying from snakebite wakes up; another dying from heart disease miraculously healed; new house church planted


INDIA: Elderly man suffering from chronic heart disease now runs with no problem; goes around testifying Jesus healed him


Kidney failure, severe jaundice, heart disease, tumor miraculously healed; demon attack ceases in Jesus’ name


Failing kidneys restored, epilepsy healed, heart disease healed, unclean spirit cast out


Failing kidneys restored, epilepsy healed, heart disease healed, unclean spirit cast out


250 accept Christ in remote village after people miraculously healed of heart disease