Londrina, Parana, Brazil
September 30, 2011

Dr. Celia Itikawa is a Brazilian pediatrician and family doctor of Japanese descent who in September 2011 was healed of her heart condition. At that time she was attending the first session of the Elijah Challenge Training hosted by the Central Presbyterian Church of Londrina. Below is Dr. Itikawa’s testimony. (Her original testimony was edited for grammar and clarity.)

Grace and Peace. All glory be to God for the miracle. Last night I ran for 30 minutes, went up and down, and felt so good—no shortness of breath or chest pain and no arrhythmia. I am testifying that the healing happened through your ministry on Thursday evening.

[I had had]…whiplash in the neck, from the cervical 5 to thoracic 2 vertebra which regulates the beating of the heart. Now enter your miracle.

For the last seven years I have had many examinations, revealing that I had tachycardia—my heart rate went from 270 to 320 beats per minute with extrasystole ventricular at 1500. I used many holters [a device used to monitor heart activity], and also a Loop Recorder for 21 days with electrocardiography. I saw many cardiologists because of cardiac insufficiency symptoms—jugular stasis and dyspnea, which is shortness of breath.

But I always refused the disease and continued working. I began to exercise despite the symptoms. That is why I didn’t appear sick. But after five years which was two years ago, I fractured my femur. With a meniscus lesion, I suffered from hemiparesis again, with the reactivation of the disease after 2 years of evolution from hemiplegia to hemiparesis.

At that time during an investigation, ecography revealed that I suffered from mitral valve prolapse (MVP) and enlarged atrium and ventriculo D. So the doctors said no hard exercise for me. But I have familial bad cholesterol and I can improve good cholesterol (HDL) through exercise.

When you asked at the first Training session on Thursday evening who had heart disease, I went up to the front. And the next day I went to the doctor to show real proof that I was healed. I had an examination. I really had no more symptoms, and had taken no medicine after being ministered to Thursday evening. I was normal, even better than the doctor. The result when I ran for 30 minutes: I had no dyspnea or shortness of breath. I’ll try to run at the end of year for 10 km, and I will tell you the result. (But I need to be healed in my knee and my left foot which was cut and has Sudek’s Atrophy.)

I was testifying to many doctors, nurses and dentists about the miracle of God. Thank you.

The result based on the holter reading after Thursday evening was a normal 32 down from 1500. Ecography: normal size of heart, little mitral valve prolapse. The result of the echocardiagraphy was normal. I can now do heavy exercise like running, just as I did yesterday, the only problem now is my knee. Thanks to the Lord.

Thank you for your teaching.

Your disciple & sister, Celia
Pediatrician & Family Doctor (but all glory to Jesus Christ, the doctor of doctors)


October 7, 2011

“I continue running with corrective insole in my injured foot. I ran for 40 minutes twice this week with no dyspnea or shortness of breath and little pain in my knees. With physiotehrapy, the swelling and pain are gone. Glory to the Lord. For seven years when going up the stairs or trying to run, after five to ten minutes I was so tired. Now after 40 minutes I am feeling good, with no jugular stasis, no arrhythmia.”