View ministry to people with heart conditions in Brazil

Below are just some of the testimonies of those with heart disease who have been touched by the Lord in this way:

Woman with heart condition runs around sanctuary with no effort

Zambia: unconscious man hospitalized due to heart condition wakes up fine & discharged

The Lord’s miraculous healing touch on a baby boy dying of a heart condition

“…I can now say that I am a new man…with the incredible blessing of a totally renovated physical heart.”

Miraculous healing at a distance in rural Alabama as Jesus did in Luke 7

Heart condition miraculously healed in Las Vegas

Woman with enlarged heart runs, lifts adult woman off floor for 10 sec

Miraculous healings in Fortaleza—the most violent city in Brazil

Braziilian women with heart disease miraculously touched by Jesus Christ

After severe heart attack man healed miraculously; many villagers believe

“House call” results in dangerous symptoms of heart disease vanishing

Symptoms of arrhythmia, emphysema, and COPD disappear over the telephone

Natalie who had severe heart disease ran up and & down the stairs five times laughing…

“Weird heart beats” & shortness of breath in India gone after phone call from Houston

Symptoms of heart disease disappear completely; arm injury totally healed

68-year-old Michigan woman needing open heart surgery declared completely healed by doctor

Symptoms of heart valve disease vanish in Jesus’ name

Disciples at Full Life Assembly of God in Tennessee do the works that Jesus did 

Man with heart disease holds up adult daughter for ten seconds & feels fine

Two New York women with heart conditions touched in the name of Jesus

INDIA: Woman with heart condition runs & holds up heavy object during meeting

“March 17th, 2014 is a day I will never forget!”

Jesus Christ still heals at a distance today as He did in Luke 7

Healed by God through a phone call from Australia to the Philippines

Miraculous healing at a distance of heart disease between Houston and the Philippines

A dozen people young and old suffering from heart conditions were easily running back and forth at the front of the spacious sanctuary

Woman with five stents at early stage of congestive heart failure runs effortlessly at Training

Symptoms of heart disease disappear at a distance over the telephone

Many with heart disease run around spacious church sanctuary in Malaysia

Heart condition of believer in Toronto healed miraculously from Houston

65-year-old woman with heart disease feels like a thirty-something after healing at a distance

Testimony of Canadian Gospel Preacher Antonio

Deep chest pain disappears following ministry at a distance

Medically confirmed: Virginia woman healed at a distance simultaneously from heart condition and deafness

Man crippled for years in car accident gets up from wheelchair and walks; heart diseases healed

Six people with heart disease run inside sports arena

Catholic with heart disease runs and picks up heavy objects

Heart transplant doctors at Texas Childrens’ Hospital amazed

The doctor expected the young lady running with the heart condition to collapse

Symptoms of heart disease disappear at Training in Brazil

Woman in the UK healed from angina at a distance from Houston

Symptoms of heart disease disappear following ministry over the telephone during internet radio broadcast

Cardiologist reports that the heart of a man who had four stents is completely normal

Miracle surrounding Atlantic City minister’s heart condition

Man with heart condition runs up and down stairs
after receiving ministry by trained disciples over Skype

Baby girl delivered of congenital heart condition 
Infant in Dubai touched by God via telephone ministry

Medical doctor’s personal testimony: healed of heart disease 
Brazilian pediatrician & family practitioner healed of tachycardia, arrhythmia, shortness of breath, and chest pain at Elijah Challenge Training session  


                                         Dr. Celia Itikawa of Brazil


Man stopped to rest after every 10 steps due to severe heart condition

At one open-air Crusade in Tamil Nadu, South India, I boldly proclaimed to the unbelievers and Hindus present that Jesus was the Son of the only true God, and that as proof, He could do miracles that their gods could not do. To demonstrate this, I asked the infirm to come forward for healing ministry. A young man with a severe heart defect appeared; he could only walk ten steps at a time before stopping to catch his breath. As an unknown believer laid hands on him at the front, God restored his heart. Up on the platform in front of thousands, he ran vigorously in place to demonstrate to the crowd that he had indeed been instantly healed in the name of Jesus. Quickly I said to the crowd, “See? My God is the true God! Believe on Him tonight, and you shall be saved!”

From Rosemary who took the Basic Training

October 5, 2010 “I just wanted to share with you what happened yesterday. I was talking to God asking him to show me more miracles to build my faith so I could continue to obey him and heal the sick. Later that day my neighbor was over helping my husband paint our house and I was inside when I heard my husband ask me to bring my neighbor some water. I could hear that he (Nacho) was having chest pains. Well, the Holy Spirit was saying “go lay hands on him.” I walked outside and asked him what was wrong. He had chest pains and was dizzy with tingling in his arm. He thaught he might be having a heart attack. I laid hands on his heart and commanded the pain to leave and his body to be healed. He again asked me to minister to him. I continued to lay hands on him and command the pain to go. He said all of his symptoms left him. His wife came and took him to the hospital and nothing was wrong. I talked to him today and he kept saying he gave his testimony at the hospital of what happened after I laid hands on him and took authority over him in the Name of Jesus! Praise God!”

Pastor Andreas Nawawi, Jakarta, Indonesia

Andreas is the Senior Pastor of Gereja Kristen Perjanjian Baru in Jakarta. He was born with a congenital heart condition which was incurable. After we laid hands on him, he went back to his doctor. He was told that his heart was now beating normally and no longer diseased.

A miraculous healing in India

We received the following email from a servant of God in New York City: “Here is a special prayer request… there is a man of God in India serving God loyally and faithfully for the past 30 years but last week he was diagnosed with 5 blocks in which for which he has to undergo emergency bypass surgery and is seeking your special prayer and help. He is expecting a physical miracle or financial miracle because the they can’t afford the expenses of the operation. Any contribution or cooperation would be highly appreciated. Thank you.” Brother Rejino Abraham King of Kings International P.O. Box 141220 Staten Island, NY 10314 After reading his request, I wrote Rejino and asked him for the telephone number of this man of God in India. A few days ago I called him from Houston when he was in the hospital in India and ministered to him over the telephone as Jesus might have done in Luke 7 when he healed the centurion’s servant at a distance. Then I told him to get up and walk. He got up and walked around, and he said that he felt much better. A few days later Brother Rejino wrote me the following: “He is much better now and out of the hospital… yes, he left the hospital a couple days after you ministered to him. …The good thing about it it is he rededicated his life for ministry. He is going to look after our work in India full time along with 5-8 other pastors specially in bottom line ministry church planting and winning the lost for Christ.”

A Chinese gentleman in Vancouver

A Chinese man with a heart condition which he could feel came to our meeting in Vancouver. After he was ministered to, he could no longer feel any abnormality in his heart.

Hole in heart disappears  “…I preached the gospel and asked the Lord to confirm it through miraculous healings as the trained believers laid hands on the sick. Many miracles took place as they exercised their authority over diseases and demons in Christ. Among them: a boy born with a hole in his heart could no longer hear the telltale “swishing” sound of his heartbeat.”

A powerful miracle for a little Dayak boy in West Borneo  Due to a hole in his heart, nearly 4-year-old Hezekiah was but skin and bones and spent every painful day lying and twisting his body on a mat on the floor.