Kielce, Poland: 500 trained and 400 miraculously healed in Jesus’ name

Pastor Carl Henderson and his wife Salina trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006 and are based in Texas

“We met in an amazingly beautiful amphitheater which seated 700 people.  During the first few days of training every seat was full but on the last day when we were beginning to teach The Elijah Challenge (Power and Authority Healing) some had to return to work so the crowd was down to 500 people as I began to teach. 

I had previously trained about 10 leaders and their wives on how to assist me during the demonstrations of God’s power.  My wife organized the women’s section of the team, while other senior Pastors organized the male section. 

The stadium seating arraignment did not easily facilitate having people come forward for healing or to line up to heal and to be healed.  I expected as many as 150 people to come forward for healing and there was not enough room for them but I was later even more overwhelmed as 400 people came forward and or were healed from a distance.  Amazingly, this number included three Roman Catholic Priests, who came to spy out the work we were doing and to report back to their Roman Catholic leadership, about this large protestant workshop and gathering.  These priests came to spy out what we were doing and they ended up being powerfully delivered from demonization (the film clips of their deliverances are on my Facebook page, at “Carl.Henderson.98”).  Now on the last day, they were not only delivered but they were healed of several illnesses and confessed faith in Jesus Christ for the first time.

As I looked out over the crowd, I realized the enormity of this task as I attempted to teach more than 500 students at the same time.  As I went through the training I felt the Spirit of God descend on the proceedings and I was empowered to not only teach the training but to preach a gospel message at the same time, and both were delivered with great authority and power.   The hours of training time passed quickly, as I sailed through the training like a sail boat floating on the divine winds of the Holy Spirit.  As I watched the faces of those in the crowd I saw and excited look of anticipation and it seemed as if everyone was tracking with me.  I was using an interpreter to translate my teachings into the Polish language but I hardly noticed the translation process, (which often slows down the teaching, and forces you to concentrate much harder to remember and keep your place in the lesson, and your thoughts in short phrases).  Instead the teaching poured out as easily as water going down stream.  Even my wife later told me she had never heard me teach in such a streamlined, succinct, and powerful manner. 

It was then that I felt God point out to me that there were many unbelievers present, who had come just to be healed.  I realized that the demonstration of healing, which was normally the conclusion of The Elijah Challenge Training was going to actually be a gospel crusade with many people healed and coming to faith.  I went through a short sermon with the theme that the “God who is real, is the God who heals!”  And that any other God or belief system, was an idol constructed of and for mortal men.  Men who want to create a god in their image, instead of the true God, the creator and redeemer, who commands repentance of all men.

After this short gospel message, I decided to minister healing to all those present at a distance, where they were sitting, rather than by creating pandemonium by trying to bring them forward through the stadium seating to the front.  So I had all those with knee pain and injuries stand and I commanded healing in Jesus’ name and by the second command 95% of them were healed, then I had all those with back pain to stand and within a few commands 90% of them were healed, then we had all with shoulder or neck pain, then those with headaches, and those with abdominal pain and trouble with their female organs to stand and they were healed.  Then by the grace of God and in the power of Jesus’ name, we continued to heal those with ear and hearing problems, and those with eye or vision troubles.  By this time at least 200 people had been healed and they were smiling, hugging each other, testing their newly restored pain free joints and rejoicing.   

After all these people being healed, I felt that this would greatly reduce the number of people who remained to be healed.  So I called for anyone who had not been healed or needed more healing, to come forward to our assistants so they could heal them one at a time.  Immediately, there was a crush of people, as over 200 people swept down from the amphitheater seating and a crush of people overwhelmed us at the front of the stage.   Our assistants were swamped with request for healing, while at the same time many of those who remained in their seats were nosily praising God for their miracles.  Others came down and lined up in the center of the stadium and along the walls, leading to the front.  Many were healed and often with merely one command.  I tried to get people up on the stage to give their testimony of their healing but there was so much noise, from the healing commands, dozens of conversations and much praising of God all at the same time.   Finally, I would kneel down and also take request and command healing and many women were asking for prayer because of infertility.  We expect to hear and see many new babies when we return this year. 

It was a powerful move of God, others who wanted to repent and trust in Jesus were grouped together by some pastors on the left side (including the Roman Catholic Priest),where they were instructed on how to turn from their sins in repentance, to put their faith and trust in Jesus, and become true Christians.  I don’t know how many did this but from the size of the group, I would estimate there were about 40-people in this group.  There were other smaller groups doing this too but I could not say how many were praying prayers of faith and how many were being healed, as those who were healed were now healing others. They were empowered by The Elijah Challenge Training and inspired by the miraculous healing they had experienced. 

Once again, I felt like Jacob, who discovered at Bethel that “surely the Lord was in this place and I did not know it”.   So it was that the training became a crusade and a powerful move of God in many people’s lives. 

Over 500 people were present for the training and at least 400 were healed and approximately 40 committed themselves to follow Jesus for the first time!”

May 2015

Carl Henderson teaching The Elijah Challenge in Poland (2012-2013)

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