Received on August 12, 2015

“Please pray for me. I am in Zimbabwe. Name is Ruby [not her real name]. For the past year suffering heart disease getting worse. Suffering also diabetes. Please help with urgent prayer for healing.”

That same day we wrote our trained co-workers Shar & Teddy:

“Dear Shar & Teddy, We just received this from Rosa in Zimbabwe. Would you kindly contact her and arrange to minister healing to her in Jesus’ name?”

Shar & Teddy then wrote her:

“Ruby, we would like to minister healing to you in Jesus’ name over the phone, face time or Skype concerning your heart condition and diabetes. First, please tell us a little bit more about your heart condition and how long you have had the condition. Also please tell us how long you have had diabetes and what are your eating habits like.”

Ruby replied:

“Heart condition started last year. Doctors say they can’t see what’s wrong but I get palpitation, high heart rate, discomfort in chest, weakness, etc.” ‘Since March 2015 doctor says I am diabetic. I eat very healthy and am very slim. It’s just an attack of the enemy. I am born-again and 26 years old now.”

On August 13 Ruby wrote:

“Tried calling. No answer. Will try again later.”

Shar & Teddy replied:

“Sorry we missed your call this morning. Let’s try to coordinate our times as Teddy stated, however we did more rebuking and commanding about 15 minutes ago. How do you feel now—any change or difference?”

Ruby wrote:

“I feel a bit better definitely. At least I spent the afternoon at work. Not totally gone.” “I felt such a release and peace and presence of God as u were praying.  I’m believing for healing manifestation.  So I will call again on Friday.  What’s the best time?

Shar & Teddy answered:

“I too believe that God is with you and his blessing will surround you and comfort you. Because your condition is compounded, we will need to ask God for many things. During this time, be of good cheer and know that God is with you and wants you to be a blessing for others.”

On August 14  Ruby testified:

“Today my heart was behaving so well. I am so happy.  Please pray that this continues till total healing. I am also believing that in a short while the sugar problem will be over.”

Shar & Teddy wrote back:

“Praise Jesus our Magnificent Lord & Savior indeed! Ruby, you can do the very same thing for others. We would encourage you to study the Elijah Challenge videos and Training Manual so that Jesus can use you to heal others and bring more souls to the Kingdom of God! I will call you on Saturday so that we continue the prayers till all symptoms are gone.

The Elijah Challenge then wrote:

Dear Ruby, allow us to second what Shar & Teddy have just written you. Now you can start doing your part for your complete healing as they have encouraged you to do. If you haven’t already, read the article at: What You Should Do After Jesus Heals You.”

Ruby replied:

“Thank you very much. Let me do that.”

On August 16 Shar & Teddy wrote Ruby:

“How are you feeling today?”

The same day Ruby answered:

“I spent a much better day today again. Am holding on to the healing.  Again may a God bless u.”

Ruby wrote again on August 23:

“This past week I have been much better and felt stronger. I did not have to spend any day in bed. I continue to walk in faith believing that the hand of God is upon me.”


Reports from Teddy & Shar