Orissa, India
May 2014

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

Manoharpur, Orissa: where missionary Graham Staines was martyred in 1999

“Greetings in Jesus precious name. What a privilege to reach this neglected area of Deliganj. Thank God for Dr. Graham Staines who reached such tribal
places in the interior at the border of Orissa, Jharkhand and the neighboring state of West Bengal. After the death of Dr. Staines several villages backslid as their pastors left and other missions could not continue out of fear. Among them Deliganj is one of the nearest remote villages. We were thinking that if even today the village and the condition of the road is so poor, than we cannot imagine how it was 15 years ago in 1999. But still Dr. Staines was willing to endure the extreme difficulty of reaching this village. Praise God we were unexpectedly given the opportunity to preach the gospel here in Deliganj. The Lord healed many sick people and delivered many from demon possession. Several hundred people accepted the Christ.

Let me share with you the reports of miraculous healing.

An elderly man named Ramesh (above) was not able to hear as he had been deaf for several years. Also his body would shake. Even though he had been treated, there was no success. But at the meeting his hearing was restored and he was able to hear clearly. His shaking also stop instantly.

A young man named Rushee (above) suffered from a mental disorder for several years. His family had taken him to various places for treatment and spent much money. But he was not well. But [at the meeting] he could feel his senses return and could speak normally.

A woman whose name was Jima (above) was demonized. She had suffered much for many months. But the Lord delivered her. Later she came to where we were staying and explained the details to my wife Rosy.  

A woman named Purabi (above) had severe chest pain. She wanted to be healed so she had come from a rather distant place. She experienced something like electricity in her body [likely the healing power of Jesus Christ] and immediately the pain left.  

One of the hands of a young man named Navin (above) was not functioning properly. He was not able to work with that hand and he was not able to raise it. But the Lord healed him and he received strength in his hand. This afternoon he called and informed us that he went into jungle and was able to work with that hand.  Praise God.

A young boy (above) named Naresh was partially blind and could not see far. The Lord restored his eyesight and he was able to see very clearly. He is studying in 10th standard and used to have problems with his studies, but praise the Lord he testified that Jesus had touched him so that he won’t have any more problem as he believes.

One more praise report…today I received a phone call from a brother in Deliganj sharing with us that their buffalo [very important to their livelihood] had disappeared yesterday evening. The whole night they searched for it, but did not find it. They asked us to pray for the return of the buffalo. An hour after I prayed the brother called me and said that they had gotten back their buffalo.  Praise the Lord. Thank you so much for your prayer and support to reach such a needy place. Please continue to pray for that village and that area.”

Manoharpur, Orissa: where missionary Graham Staines was martyred in 1999