Testimonies of miraculous healing from heart disease

Stricken with heart disease from 1984

Tito Cagang is the head of Christ Ministries Samaritan Bible School near the city of Alabel in the capital of Sarangani province, and suffered from a serious heart condition. His son had sent out the following prayer request to Canadian Missionary Jaimie Alonso for his father:

“I am the son of Pastor Tito Cagang, the one who talked to you when you visited the Bible School if you could still remember me. I am writing to inform you that I temporarily take the responsibility of my father just for this week because he experienced heart failure just this day and he is still recuperating. I am asking for your prayers for the fastest recovery of my father for I may not be able to perform the rest of his responsibilities.”

Later, Pastor Tito’s son added the following details about his father’s condition:

“I wish to express my infinite thanks to you and to all your friends who will be praying for my dad’s recovery. We have been so melancholic from the the time my father had been diagnosed of having heart failure in 1984. There was even a time in the year 2000 when my father was given only four months to live and we were very sad that time for we expected that he would be passing away after the 4 months had been allotted to him by Dr. De Castro and Dr. Adarna, who are heart specialists. We prayed a lot for the long time and we are blessed that until now he is still with us.

It was his doctor in Davao City, Dr. Faustino Acosta told him of the good news that he will still be living if he will be medicated constantly, but it is a struggle for us because we don’t have enough money to sustain my father’s medicines and even his regular medical check-ups. That is why until now he suffers heart failure every time he cannot take his medicines.

With this, I am encouraged to email you to help us in prayers that God may give my father a complete healing so that he can continue his duty to man and to God especially.

Your prayers will be much valued and gratified. Thank you for sharing it to friends. I appreciate the concern and love you have for the father. At this time I am taking his position so that the bible school can still function well in his absence.”  

Healing-at-a-distance over the telephone

Brother Bill, who was teaching in Australia that week, learned about the situation from Jaimie Alonso in Canada who has ministered with Pastor Tito on mission trips to the Philippines. Brother Bill called Pastor Tito on the telephone via Skype to minister healing to him using the Lord’s authority in the name of Jesus Christ.

This is what Pastor Tito wrote on the next day describing what happened: “Thank you so much for the special prayer extended for me and I’m really so blessed and healed. You are not accidentally used by the Lord to pray over me…

Yesterday [June 14] while you were praying over me [over the phone] I experienced something inside my heart —there was a finger like the finger of a baby touching my heart. I knew that it was the finger of God working in my heart as a proof of His miracle power. After the prayer the pain in my heart was gone and the difficulty in breathing was also gone. [As he was talking to Brother Bill over the phone he was jumping up and down—something he apparently could not do before with his heart condition.]

And now I am happy because I feel so good and I have now started to teach in the Bible School.” (The above testimony was edited for grammar)

Follow-up report received on September 5, 2010

“Greetings in Jesus Name! This is a big opportunity for me to email to you despite that I am so busy in the ministry, but I have given the time to talk to you. Thank you so much for your prayer that you had done for me the last time more than a month ago. I was really blessed and was healed by the Lord through the prayer you had done for me. God bless you and more power.”