Monday, September 11, 2017

“I am Mr. Oseghale Lucas Okohue based in Nigeria. I was going through specific healing of heart disease over the internet and came across your website. The Doctor diagnosed me with Ischemic/Myocardial Heart Disease. I would like you to specifically minister and pray over me online and during your quiet time with God. I have strong faith and believe in the Name of Jesus. I await your response and further guidance. God bless you.”

September 11

We replied: “We would like to refer you to our Elijah Challenge Africa Coordinator Rev. Emmanuel Rhema Abdullahi in Warri whom the Lord will use to minister effective healing to you. Please click on the link to read the testimony of a servant of God in South Africa who was healed of a similar heart condition after Rev. Emmanuel ministered to him at a distance. …Please let us know what the Lord does for you through him.”

September 11

Lucas then wrote Emmanuel: “Dear Rev. Emmanuel, I was directed to you as Africa Coordinator of the Elijah Challenge. The Doctor has diagnosed me with Ischemic/Myocardial Heart Disease. I believe the report of Jesus Christ that I am healed and made perfect in him. I would like you to specifically minister and pray for me during your quiet time with God for a new heart with normal rhymes and blood pressure.”

September 14

A few days later Lucas wrote: “God is a living God. I did as directed by you over email to contact Rev. Emmanuel. After he ministered to me over the phone, immediately I gained internal strength. My chest that was paining me stopped. I just kept thanking God.

Today I went to the hospital for a normal checkup and the Doctor said my myocardial infarction is gone. My blood pressure which was very high dropped also. The Doctor had to reduce my drugs to focus on stabilizing my blood pressure and my system.

Every day God is perfecting my system. Today I ran 15 km/hr on the treadmill for 1 minute [9.3 mph over a minute—not an easy feat for most people]. Normally I can’t do even 2 km/hr. I would normally be panting or have shortness of breath. God is perfecting all that concerns my health now.

Glory be the name of the Lord. God bless you.”


Reports from Emmanuel Abdullahi Rhema

Crusade Evangelist in Africa trained by The Elijah Challenge