May 9, 2012

We received the following email from Minister Michael in Atlantic City, New Jersey:

“I am a minister in Atlantic City who has been diagnosed with heart disease. I had a stent put in December of 2011 and a heart attack (because of the blockage of the stent) in February 2012. I am on various medicine’s and beta blockers. I understand that medicines cannot cure the body, only suppress symptoms. Eventually side effects develop elsewhere. I also take herbs and supplements knowing that God has placed everything for our healing in the earth. But the doctors of course don’t believe in that fully and insist that I continue with the meds.

I trust the Lord knowing that if it was my time to leave, I would not be here writing. He has more work for me to do. But I also know that He is my healer! I don’t know how to proceed, but I would welcome the chance for a full recovery. Please respond as to what I need to do next.

Peace & blessings to you.”


Some days later our trained brother Dennis Green in Houston contacted Michael and ministered to him at a distance. After several days we received the following testimony from Michael.


May 31, 2012

“Just to let you know that my heart has improved tremendously. I thought my injection fraction (the percentage in which my heart is working) had increased from 35% to 50% after you ministered to me, but I went to the cardiologist and he said it was actually 55%—which is considered normal range. Thanks for leading me in the right direction. I will keep in touch. God bless!”