“Praise the Lord for the fruitful Feeding Event in a remote village with our Elijah Challenge Pastor Parmeswar Barua. Our Lord graciously did mighty miracles there.

Above two hundred fifty people accepted Christ.



A woman named Radhika (below) had been suffering from heart disease for eight years and had already undergone open-heart surgery. She had been in a very critical condition, but somehow she survived. She had spent much money for her treatment. Before ministering to the sick, I asked if there was anyone suffering from a heart condition. A few people came forward, including Radhika.



As I ministered to her she started jumping up and down, continuing on for a few minutes. At first we were a bit confused. We asked her to sit down and keep quiet. After a few moments she sat down. She testified that when we ministered to her in the name of Jesus she could physically feel the Lord’s powerful touch at work in her body. She was completely healed. 

Another woman named Jyoti (below) was suffering from both a heart condition and a problem with breathing. Even though her blood pressure was normal, most of the time her heart would race. As I ministered healing to the sick at a distance from the front, the Lord healed her. Her heart beat normally and she was able to breath well. She was amazed to experience such a wonderful miracle in her life.



A young man named Tipendra (below) was tormented by an unclean spirit. He felt very uneasy and from time to time he would vomit. He would feel the pain in different parts of his body and in various ways. In addition his head was spinning.  But he was set free. He could feel the spirit coming out of him as we ministered to the people.



Another young man named Sukanta (below) had been suffering from a spinal injury since his youth, and was very depressed. His doctor had given him a drug to take and advised him that if the medication did not work he would need to undergo a minor operation. The drug indeed did not work. But he was miraculously healed at our Feeding Event while we were ministering to the sick.



Thank you so much for your intercession and financial support.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator, Orissa, India
March 2018