January 2014

Following successive times of ministry to an infirm believer in Malaysia by trained disciples in the United States over the telephone, we received the following report from his wife:

“Praise the Lord now my husband can breathe freely and sleep well during at night. The Lord has restored his strength and his heart is functioning and this morning he went to Sunday worship with us.  After the ministry last night his nose is no longer blocked. Now he faces a very irritating cough and finds that air is being forced out due to mucus in his bronchials. Please minister to him and I will do the same.”

“My husband has decided of not going to have an angiogram for the Lord has divinely healed him. Since his second admittance to the hospital he had that symptom of irregular and fast heart beat, and whenever he did something his heart became very tight and weakened. And he was not able to walk in a short distance without gasping for breath. Now all symptoms have gone. Praise God for His divine healing and quick deliverance for my husband. I believe his physical strength will be restored soon.”

February 4 – “Praise The Lord, he can sleep well, and breathes normally. He has recovered from the severe cough he had for almost two weeks.”

On our recent family trip out of town, “Steven rested in the hotel most of the time due to his back pain on the left side as the doctor found out there’s still a little water remaining in his left lung. If he lies down or walks a short distance, the pain becomes worse. He would like to have you minister to his lungs which causes pain in his back.”

February 8 – “Thank you dearly for ministering to Steven again. He has experienced a breakthrough in taking deep breaths now. He is doing well and he can sleep a lot.”

May 17 – “Praise the Lord! The battle has been won by our God. Steven is strong and back to his normal self after he was ministered by God through your hands as the extension of God’s hand. He can sleep well, eat well and breathe well. He is now very fervent in prayer and stays very close to the Lord. Thank you !!! You wrote in at the right timing of the Lord to minister to Steven as HE assured me He would heal Steven.”