Testimonies of People Who Had Heart Disease

Received on November 14, 2014
from Pastor Elito in the Philippines who works with Elijah Challenge-trained missionary Jaimie Alonso

“Please pray for me. I have heart disease. Congregation, pray for me. Thank you for spending time for me in prayer.”

November 14 reply from The Elijah Challenge

“Dear Pastor Elito, we received the email about your heart disease. We would like to ask our brother Dennis Green to contact you to minister healing to you over skype. Many have been healed in that way from heart disease. To read testimonies, please click on Testimonies from Dennis Green. Would you be available to receive Dennis’ call? If you would like, I can connect you with him.”  

November 17 from Pastor Elito

“Thanks for your email, I really don’t know how to use skype through my cellphone but I would ask you to please declare complete healing upon me. Until now my body is weak and I am always in bed. Thanks for your time.”  

November 17 from The Elijah Challenge

“We actually do not declare healing over the sick, since Jesus did not apply such a practice. According to the Scriptures he actually healed the sick in his time using power and authority. Once when I was in Australia, I heard about a pastor in the Philippines who had to stop ministering because he could not afford the costly medicine for his heart condition. I called him over the internet and ministered healing to him at a distance just as Jesus healed the servant of the centurion at a distance. He felt something happening in his heart and began to jump up and down, saying that he was healed. The pain in his heart disappeared. His strength returned. The next day he went back to teaching in his Bible School.”  

Brother Dennis Green then prayed earnestly to the Lord and simply ministered to Pastor Elito at a distance without calling or contacting Pastor Elito at all.

November 24 from Pastor Elito

“Praise the Lord, I received miraculous healing. Before my body was numb but now it’s so nice to feel sensation again. And I have the strength that I never experienced before. Glory to God! HALLELUJAH!!! Thanks to all who spent time with me in prayer, glory to God.”  

We believe that Brother Dennis ministering with authority to Pastor Elito at a distance without any direct voice contact played a major part in his healing. These are the results that we have often seen when ministering at a distance via voice or skype contact, and now it appears we are seeing it without any voice contact at all. Of course Jesus did not have any voice contact when he “said the word” with authority to the servant of the centurion in Luke 7. And now the Lord might have used Brother Dennis in the same way to minister to Pastor Elito.​ This should not surprise us, for Jesus promised in John 14:12 that those who believe in Him will do the works that He did.