My name is Stephen Serafini, I reside in New York State.   I would like to share my testimony of my complete healing of a serious heart condition.

On November 21st of 2020…. I left the dinner table, where I had been dining with my wife… and I dropped to the floor after experiencing cardiac arrest.   
I was unconscious before I hit the floor…  and when paramedics arrived on the scene…they could not find a pulse…. I was not breathing on my own…. and I was running out of time and hope with every second. 

They advised my wife to brace for bad news, and to gather family.

After drilling a hole in my leg to start fluids…. and managing to shock me three times to restart a pulse…. I was air lifted to a cardiac center one hour away. After being in a coma for the next four days…. I awakened,  much to the surprise of the medical staff!    This was the first miracle.    I was lucid…. in a good frame of mind…. and I remained in the hospital until December 2nd of the same year (2020).

The staff performed two procedures…. one was to shock my heart back into rhythm.   The other was to install a pacemaker and defibrillator into my chest.   
My restrictions were many…. and with my heart weakened, and an ejection function in the 20s…. the road to recovery was going to be long… if at all.

I learned about The Elijah Change a year prior to all of this, and I was captivated by the ministry, it’s size…. and the amazing success they had reversing and healing serious heart disease and related conditions!   I saw that God so mightily used this organization to heal the very sick, and lead people to Jesus Christ through these healing miracles and outreach!

Needless to say….. I reached out to The Elijah Challenge…. and they responded back so quickly!    They had one of their trained co-workers contact me without delay…. a wonderful man named Sam Doland.     By phone he ministered to me from another state in the southern part of the country.   I felt the power of God piercing through the phone, and my heart!….. just as Sam commanded the condition was healed and resolved!  Gone and resolved!!!   

Sam continued to bomb the situation with commands until I felt my chest open….. and my lungs fill with air in a way they never had!!!  I felt the energy of a locomotive running through me…..   and I knew…. with certainty…. that I was healed!!!! ….  That Jesus stretched out his hand to me…. and reversed an ailing heart!…. and transformed it into a restored organ of full power…. as it was intended to be from my creation.     The watch!…. was given back to the watch maker…. and repaired.

I am enjoying the glory of a new heart today as I write this!     I no longer climb the stairs two at a time….. getting out of breath….. I run up stairs now….. without breathing heavy at all!!!  I am walking fast….. lifting light weights again…. bringing in the family shopping….. doing work around the house….. and enjoying a glorious flow of new energy throughout my body!!!    To God be all the glory…. the great physician…. who still heals today!! 

 A very special note of thanks and gratitude extended to Sam Doland,….  and the entire Elijah Challenge organization!      All our love and appreciation!!!   From my family…. to all of you!   

The Elijah Challenge is real!    God is real!   Praise his holy name!

Stephen Serafini

March 25th: comments from Stephen’s cardiologists

I’ve just returned home from my second cardiologist appointment today at the medical center…..  Tuesday’s appointment went wonderful!   They were so happy with my exam!
No restrictions now…. I can even drive again. 
Today….. I saw my other Cardiologist, and after he took all the readings on my heart by way of the implanted device they installed…… he looked at me and said…..  your heart appears to be strong again!!!!!!   There are no abnormalities!!!!!   You seem to be doing so well now….  you no longer need to see me!!!!!!!!’


Stephen and Pamela


Testimonies of miraculous healing from heart conditions