Testimonies from people who had heart disease

Testimonies from Dennis Green

Received from Sister SM on November 2, 2014


I have had symptoms of the disease with chest pains, stomach bloating, pressure in center of chest, sweating, weakness, cramps in back and ache in left shoulder blade.  I am afraid to go to a doctor because I do not want heart valve surgery.  I have prayed about this but I also contacted a renowned remote energy healer who told me that I have a heart valve that is not functioning properly.  He said he will work with me on this but it will take a long time and he is not even sure it will work and he told me if I could not handle the cost I could just forget it.  This does not sound like much of a healer to me.  He is Robert Ginsburg with something called the new knowledge and it is based on physics and other things.  His mentor was a man call Nicolai Levashov who was murdered as was his wife and was a self-avowed atheist. He diagnosed my condition using a holographic image.  He did say in his blog that he does not do diagnosis but he did tell me about my heart valve which did nothing more than to worry and upset me which only added to the grief and anxiety I was already experiencing over the deaths of a couple of my loved ones over the past year. 

Please pray for my healing because all healing comes from our Lord. I thought I could use this Ginsburg man for God to heal me through him. I am to contact him tomorrow morning for a free ten minute session regarding whether he can help me or not.  Please give me some guidance.  Please pray for my healing.  I do not want to go against anything God wants me to do. GOD IS FIRST!”

Our reply to Sister SM

“Do not contact the remote energy healer tomorrow; that will surely make it more difficult for you to receive healing from the Lord. We have already seen many healed miraculously (for free!) of their heart conditions by the Lord when they come to the Lord with repentant hearts, that is, trusting in Him only and not in any other “miraculous” power. You cannot mix God’s power and the power from other sources. Dear sister, do repent from wanting to to seek our these other sources—which are not of God.

We have asked Dennis Green to contact you to make arrangements to minister miraculous healing to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I’m sure he will be contacting you. Listen to him with an open heart, and trust the Lord to heal you!”

After that Brother Dennis contacted her and ministered to her in Jesus’ name.

Received from Sister SM on March 1, 2015

“Dear Mr. Green, as an update I want you to know that Jesus has healed my heart problem.  Thank you for praying for me and thank your wife as well.  You had predicted that you felt the Lord would heal me and he has.  My heart no longer hurts or pounds irregularly.  The chest and back pains have gone. There were many other symptoms which were associated with this which have also gone.  I still have high blood pressure but not to the extent that it was.  I do take occasional pills for the blood pressure but the Lord will heal this completely as well.  Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your wife.”