Elijah Challenge Training Houston June 2012

At the Elijah Challenge Training in Houston, attended by disciples from various states in the US, the Lord’s grace was evident. Each day there were testimonies of healings as the disciples ministered to one another just as Jesus did and taught His disciples in the gospels. One couple from a very large local church told us that in 40 years of following Christ they had never received such teaching as they heard on Thursday evening—“Maximizing my eternal reward in the next age.”

Man with four stents in heart completely healed

A gentleman named Dick G. came to the Friday (June 22) morning session of the Training at the invitation of one of the participants, a friend at work named Jim E. Dick had had four stents placed in his arteries to treat breathing problems and pain above his heart. During the demonstration of healing at the first session, Dick came forward for healing. Two brothers, including Jim E., came forward to minister to him. As they laid hands over Dick’s heart, Lucille led them in exercising their authority in the name of Jesus Christ.

After the first time of ministry, Dick reported still feeling the pain in his heart. Jim E. and the other disciple ministered to him a second time. After the second time Dick said that there was no more pain. We asked him to run around the sanctuary. He did so. Returning to us at the front, he testified that his heart felt fine. Normally Dick would have felt definite adverse consequences.

One week later Dick went to see his Houston-based cardiologist Dr. Leachman for tests. The next day Dr. Leachman called Dick to inform him that all the tests showed that his heart was completely normal. 

From Houstonian Bob S., friend of The Elijah Challenge

“I was introduced to a man named Jim E. at church yesterday (Sunday). Later I asked if he had attended The Elijah Challenge Training, and in fact he was the same person. He had invited to church Dick G. whom I had the pleasure of meeting as well. They were still in awe. Praise God.”


A gentleman with a blood clot in his neck who suffered from a stroke

Jim A. had suffered from a blood clot in the back of his neck as well as a stroke, leaving him with some paralysis on the left side of his body. He came to the Training on the second day and twice was ministered to in Jesus’ name. A week later on Sunday in church he was seen running up to James B. (who had brought him to the Training) grabbing him around the neck and hugging him. He couldn’t believe that he was actually taking the offering during the service.

When Jim walked off in a hurry James detected only a slight gait in his walk. God is the God of miracles!

Woman with no eardrum hears

At the Sunday service of our host Praise Christian Church, the trained disciples came forward to minister to those with infirmities. Nearly everyone testified of being healed, including a woman whose left eardrum her surgeon had been forced to remove in an operation on a tumor near her left ear. Of course the surgeon told her that she would never be able to hear from that ear again.

Our daughter Christina ministered to her by inserting her fingers into her ears as Jesus did in Mark 7:33 and then commanding the deaf ear to be opened in Jesus’ name. After the third time of ministry the woman was bubbling over and praising the Lord. She came up to the stage, and with incredulous excitement testified that she could now distinctly hear from that ear and understand what was spoken to her! (See her testifying below on the right next to two other ladies who were also healed.)






 Above & below: disciples learning to heal the sick as Jesus did


On Sunday afternoon the disciples went out to the surrounding communities to “heal the sick and tell them, ‘the kingdom of God is near you.'” (Reports on this outreach are at the end of this article.)

Feedback from participants

“[We] really enjoyed the time we got to spend in the Elijah Challenge training this weekend.  …We truly appreciate your Biblical teaching… You and Lucille are such beautiful testimonies of Jesus…so personable, caring, and with His touch.”

“Thank you for all you do in order to help us to become more informed and to keep us from being deceived. I am truly blessed to know you and your teaching; it has enhanced my ministry greatly! Your diligence in study and purity of heart have led to some most excellent revelations of what should not only be known and practiced, but also should be common knowledge as well as implemented throughout the world…thank you again!”

“Thanks so much for the links and FOR ALL YOU DO!!! May the Lord continue to bless you and your family and all the disciples you are training with amazing fruit, immovable faith (with perseverance!) and ample provision for His glory. Hallelujah!!!”

“Praise God and thank him for what He has done.Your training was so encouraging and enlightening.  I pray for the Lord to continue to bless you and use you to His Glory and Honor. Pray for me that my faith would be strong so I will be able to accomplish the task He has given me. My desire is to stay on the edge, being used by Him to enlarge the faithful.”

“Praise the Lord for servants like you. May He receive all the glory. I’ve learned the authority and power from the Lord and do His will until His second coming. I am so thankful that I have a part in His eternal plan.

I see clearly that Jesus wants His disciples to 1) tell the gospel of peace, 2) heal the sick, 3) cast out demons and 4) make disciples (mature Christians). We build up the body of Christ. Hallelujah! I also seek that my territory will be enlarged from Dallas to China and to other countries as well. When the Lord calls me to do something, He provides everything.

I [taught] a Christian sister who suffered from depression…to use her authority to rebuke the unclean spirits of depression, unforgiveness, and bitterness. Then, I asked her “How do you feel?” She said: “Wow!! Great!”  We’re continuing to exercise our authority and not let demons/sickness reside in us.”

“Thank you for the wonderful refresher course. It is clear that the Lord has increased your clarity and effective delivery of this wonderful message to the body of Christ. We will go over it again as we missed most of the earlier aspects of the training.

We shared the teaching on “I don’t love you anymore” with our house church and it elicited some animated conversation, repentance and prayer. May the Lord continue to teach us to love and cherish our spouses as He does His church.”

 “On Saturday, I attended the afternoon session alone as my husband had to attend to some other business.  I thought the content was fascinating as you presented it on both days.  To say the least, your take on issues such as ‘the anointing‘ and the ‘Nicolaitan system‘  was eye-opening for us.  Never before has anyone shown us the true meanings of these issues, backed up by the Scriptures.  You said you are ‘conservative’ in what you interpret and believe the Bible to say, and after listening in the two sessions, I can see why one would be well advised to take the same approach!  In Pentecostal or charismatic circles, certain terms are bandied around and after hearing them for a period of time, we (the body) take for granted that those terms truly mean what we are taught by the clergy and we have no reason to question the veracity.  Yet, we are told to be cautious and discerning.”


Reports from street & door-to-door evangelism on Sunday afternoon

“The [supernatural] ‘shift’ took place as we were out evangelizing the neighborhood, at the house we were ministering in, with your Elijah Challenge trained group and the Praise Christian Church group. At  3:15 pm an earthquake of over 3.0 occurred in Texas southwest of where the Elijah Challenge group was ministering. The news said this the next morning in the motel lobby as I was eating their breakfast.

One lady had liver cancer and aching in her body which became better as we ministered and the area of cancer she could feel something going on in that area as we ministered to her. The other lady had glaucoma in her left eye, she also claimed some slight improvement at one point.

As I asked them if there was any unforgiveness, both ladies started to weep and profess forgiveness, I believe the earthquake occurred about that time. There was a noticeable abrupt shift in their home and I first thought it was someone in the back, then I thought it was evil spirits moving things in the house, but it wasn’t till the next morning that I found out it was an earthquake according to the next morning’s news.”


Testimonies from participants

Lump in breast disappears – July 9

“I want to report that last week I received a phone call from a young woman named Ann whom I had counseled at my church for several years. Ann had recently undergone day surgery. While still in the recovery room she discovered that she had a lump in the area of one of her breasts.  Two attending nurses confirmed this and even suggested the Anne set an emergency appointment with her doctor who was soon leaving town.  Ann did set an emergency appointment, then called me for prayer and ministry on the day of the appointment.  I ministered with the authority I have in Christ Jesus commanding the lump and any residual effects be gone, now, in the Name of Jesus!  Ann thanked me and called me back right after her appointment saying that her doctor’s exam and tests showed NO abnormalities!  Ann told the physician, Dr. Franklin Rose, that she was healed by Jesus!  Amen!!  To God be the glory!..”

Thyroid cancer in Louisiana healed from Texas – July 9

“My daughter’s best friend Taylor asked my daughter Victoria if she and I would pray over her grandmother who has thyroid cancer. She lives in Louisiana. From Houston where we live Victoria and I commanded with authority for the thyroid cancer to leave her body and for her body to be healed and to be made whole. We did not call her on the telephone to minister.

Victoria just reported to me that Taylor’s grandmother went to have surgery this morning and had tests prior to surgery only to find out that the cancer has disappeared. Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. He lives and rules forever!”