“The elderly lady, the mother of my dentist in the Philippines, hadn’t been able to walk for two years due to a range of medical conditions. She had  been partially paralysed for about 6 years after having a fall in her home. She is being cared for by her daughter who is our dentist. She had compacted discs in her back due to her fall. This has caused weakness throughout her body.

In the powerful name of Jesus we ministered to her with authority in front of the dentist and her whole extended family. (Like many Asian cultures, Filipino elderly people get looked after at home by their children).

At first nothing happened, so we persisted. Upon persisting, the lady started to shake uncontrollably. This lasted for at least five minutes. The shaking was accompanied by strong heat which she felt throughout her body. She was visibly impacted and affected. A lot of strength returned to her body and with assistance, she was able to stand. We kept on issuing commands in Jesus’ name, and she got a lot of strength back in her hands.

During the shaking she was making various sounds as the heat (we believe a manifestation the healing power of our Lord Jesus) travelled through her. When the shaking subsided, she was silent for another five minutes—partly through shock and partly through not understanding what was happening.

Reports from Don & Anna

Despite the fact that she had not yet gotten up to walk by herself, there was a noticeable demonstration of the power of God as well as improvement in her condition. The Holy Spirit did His work. Her whole family saw that there is power in the name of Jesus Christ.

We got to tell Nannai (“nanna”) that Jesus knows her situation. He has not forgotten her. We said that all Jesus has ever wanted from her and her family is to be in relationship with her and her family.

Interestingly, in the Filipino national language of Tagalog, her name literally means “miracle.” Nannai is of course very influential in her family. Jesus did great things here and we feel that He is now real to everyone in that house. Good things will come from this.

Later we received a message from my dentist saying that her mum now feels “light” and great—inspired to get up and walk. The heaviness she had been experiencing has lifted and she feels well. Praise God! This lady hasn’t walked for two years! Dr. Jesus is in session! This never gets old! It inspires us to go and do it more, pointing the way to the Saviour through the proofs He provides. Amen!”

-Submitted by Elijah Challenge-trained disciples Don & Anna Parbery based in Gold Coast, Australia while on a trip to the Philippines
October 2015