Ndola, Zambia

October 8, 2015

They were in the wrong place at the right time.

We conducted The Elijah Challenge training in Ndola, Zambia and trained 65 pastors.  The training was conducted in a rented room with air conditioning, at Levy Mwanawgsu Stadium  a new and modern, soccer stadium and track.   The training was well received and enthusiastically embraced.  At the end of the training during the mass healing 18+ people were healed.

In an unusual turn of events, there was a couple with some serious health problems, who were looking for another Christian meeting which was supposed to be going on at the same time, near our location.  When they heard our Praise and Worship music they came in and joined our group by mistake.  They came in just as the last instructions were being held for the demonstrations of healing at the end of The Elijah Challenge training.  Not knowing what was going on they watched the proceedings as one person after another was healed. 

Finally, they went forward for healing.  The man had a lot of tumors around his neck and on his side under his arms, and he had a lot of pain in his side.  The tumors shrank and disappeared, and the pain left, when the new Elijah Challenge students took authority over them in Jesus name.  His wife had a lot of lower back and hip pain, which radiated down into her leg, which caused her to walk with a very obvious limp. This also was quickly healed.  They were praising God and rejoicing as the training and meeting came to its conclusion.  She had tears of joy running down her cheek.  They were surprised because the meeting they were supposed to attend should have been just starting and our training and meeting were ending.

This is when they realized they were in the wrong place and attending the wrong meeting.  They came forward to thank me and they told me their story.  They said, “The Lord took us to the wrong place but at just the right time to be healed.”  They were so full of joy.   The man said, “Sure, I am glad this one time that we were lost.”   I told them, “This is how it is with God.  We can only be found by the Lord when we are lost.  Often times we do not even know we are lost until we are found” (or in this case healed).

Many of the Pastors were excited about the teaching and using The Elijah Challenge in their ministries.  I think the couple who came to the meeting accidentally had a profound effect on everyone present because their health problems were the worst and because they knew nothing of the training, and they were clearly healed by the power of God, without any influence from the training, which preceded it. 

Pastor Carl Henderson of Texas trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006