“For The Elijah Challenge Training in Debadola, Rayagada [in November 2015] around one hundred delegates came together. With the exception of one family they were all pastors, evangelists, mission leaders and Bible college students. They were Lutherans, Baptists, Pentecostals as well as from other backgrounds. For the first time I saw around eight mission directors present at our Training. They had come from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa to attend the Training. Praise the Lord.

We had very systematic and effective training for the Lord’s servants to reach the lost. We did not have many opportunities to minister to the sick during the training as almost all were servants of God in good health. The pastors and evangelists were very excited about the teaching which they acknowledged is a powerful tool for reaching the Hindus.

There was one clear impact on these servants of God from the Training. The majority of them had confessed that previously there was an obstacle making them feel helpless in reaching the Hindus. But after the Training, forty servants of God come forward to declare publicly that they would now reach the Hindus with power and authority just as the disciples of Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God in the New Testament (Luke 9:1-2 & 6; 10:9).

An outstanding miraculous healing took place during the Event. I was teaching the servants of God that it is very important to take our wives when we go to homes to minister to the sick, especially to women. I called my wife Rosy to demonstrate ministering to the sick for the servants of God by laying her hand on a woman. I called forward an Aunty who we knew was suffering from some physical problem. But we did not know the full extent of her infirmity. For the past twenty years she had suffered a great deal after her son’s birth. She had had an operation twenty years earlier, and the lower part of the stomach was infected. She went to the doctor and had taken much medication, but the pain did not subside. As Rosy laid her hand on her and then I laid my hand on Rosy’s, the pain disappeared. Praise the Lord she was healed at that very moment. The pain had been there for the past twenty years, and now was completely gone. Praise the Lord!”

“The sister’s husband was suffering from very high blood sugar. He was very weak in his body as well as his joints. It was difficult for him to walk freely.  We ministered to him and wonderfully he received strength from the Lord.”

“There was a woman relative of a pastor in the training who was suffering from malaria, causing her body to shake. While we were ministering to another pastor she came forward and shared that as we were ministering to him, she was instantly healed…at a distance!

Thank you so much for your prayer and support.”





Reports from TEC India Coordinator Subodh Jena