Subodh Jena Kumar is based in 
Orissa, India
January 2013 

Let me share a mighty miracle with you.

A Catholic believer named M. Kullu was working in India as an accountant. He fell on the ground while he was on his way to his office on his motorcycle. He was very seriously injured and admitted to the ICU in a private hospital in Vishakhapatnam (Andra Pradesh). For three days he was unconscious, and he stayed in the hospital for fifteen days.

After he recovered somewhat through medication, he came home for two months. The doctor diagnosed him with heart disease and depression. His entire body shook and he could not even hold small objects in his hands.

They called us, and so we went to his home for two evenings to minister to him. Yesterday a wonderful miracle took place. The Lord healed his heart disease and he was able to hold a heavy object without shaking. Praise the Lord.

 His wife is a registered nurse she took him outside. He was able to walk and run without any problem.  Praise the Lord for His great work.

Last night I got a call to preach in a Baptist church in Gandupadar later this week. I am going to teach The Elijah Challenge. Two hundred and fifty to three hundred believers will be there.