Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August 2013

On a Sunday morning I preached before the saints at Full Gospel Tabernacle. In the message I encouraged them to be faithful to produce fruit in keeping with repentance in preparation for the great and terrible Day of the Lord.

As confirmation of the message, we asked the Lord to heal people present who had heart disease. Perhaps two dozen people (or maybe even more) came forward. After prayer, I had trained disciples lay hands on them and led them in exercising authority over the infirmity in Jesus’ name. Then I had a few of the people test their hearts by running around the big sanctuary. Normally people with such conditions are discouraged or forbidden by their doctors to exert their hearts in such a way. But each of them reported feeling fine after running nearly 100 meters.

But since I could not interview all of the people who had been ministered to, I took the unusual step of having all of them run around the sanctuary as a group. The whole group, young and not-so-young, took off one after another after another in a single file. It reminded me of football practice from my high school days when the entire squad had to run and circle the football field. It was very encouraging and exciting for the congregation to see these people who had heart conditions like athletes taking off and circling their sanctuary.

After the group, still in single file, returned to the front I interviewed some of them. As far as I could see, none of them were panting or out of breath. (However, one gentleman did give up halfway and walked the rest of the way.) The rest of them reported feeling fine or much better than before following their roughly 100-meter jog.

The Lord had graciously confirmed the message of repentance for His people, strengthening them to finish their race for the kingdom of God without slowing down. Those who did not know the Lord were given a dramatic demonstration that our God is the only true God—for no other god can heal in this way—and that Jesus is the only way to Him!

Saturday night: video of two people with heart conditions running around auditorium

On the previous evening, a small evangelistic healing service was held in a smaller yet still spacious auditorium. The gospel was preached. Then those with infirmities were healed as confirmation of the gospel. Among them were two people with heart disease who ran around the auditorium with no difficulty after trained believers laid hands on them and exercised their authority in Christ Jesus.

Below is a photo of the ministry. The two ministered to were a small young woman (second from the left standing under me) and a young gentleman (third from the right).

 FGT KL 2013-08-24 20.39.04

After this they were told to start running. They took off in opposite directions, each twice circling half of the large auditorium. Each returned to me at the front and testified that they felt fine without being out of breath as they would normally have after running.

Running captured on YouTube video