Romania, Eastern Europe
June 2013

During the demonstration of healing at a distance at The Elijah Challenge Training in Romania, the disciples ministered healing at a distance to people with heart disease just as Jesus did in Luke 7 to the dying servant of the centurion.

Daniela’s testimony

Daniela Saraolu, a non-commissioned officer in the Romanian Army based in Targu Mures, ministered through her mobile phone from the hotel conference room where we were meeting to her 65-year-old mother who was elsewhere in the city and not physically present. Below is Daniela’s testimony.

“My mother began her day without knowing anything about the later ministry for her heart. BUT…she observed that the day was different. A kind of joy, she felt that her house was lighter and warmer than the usual. She had the thought to put a CD with 1 hour praise words toward God, which I had given her some time ago. She felt the impulse not to eat her meal that morning so she gave what she had to a next door neighbour. 

Then came my telephone call. She believed that Jesus Christ can heal her through me or another believer. Many times we both talked about being healed and not to permit the same thoughts in our minds. So…the field was ready. She knew that I would be sitting under The Elijah Challenge and that for four days I would be ministering to my acquaintances and with others… but not such a healing [as she would experience].

As I ministered to her [over my phone from the meeting] her heart and body were filled with such a warm wave that she started to cry from joy as she emphasized to me very clearly… not sorrow, but happiness.

Afterwards, she climbed to the 3rd floor and reached the 4th floor as if she were in her 30s—no fast beating in her heart or signs of tiredness.

“So Great is the LORD”

I asked her today, the second day since the miracle: what is her condition? She still walks as in her best days, when she didn’t feel her heart beating as if coming out of her chest. She closed with, ‘I am happy, so great is the Lord.’”