Malcolm wrote:

June 4, 2012

Re: Prayer for heart and artery disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

“I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for you and your ministry. I am a born again Pentecostal believer and live in Melbourne, Australia. Also, I only found out about The Elijah Challenge ministry this week.

I had 3 heart attacks, the first one in 1985 followed by another one in 2002 and the last one 2006. I take medication for High blood pressure and was also diagnosed with diabetes. Triple by-passes in 1986,  2006 and a stent in 2002.

In spite of those heart attacks I do move around quite comfortably by walking for about 40 minutes a day, but there is always that fear that I may suffer another cardiac arrest. I’ve prayed and asked my Pastor and every evangelist that visited our church to pray for my healing, but nothing has happened so far.

As far as I’m concerned nothing is impossible for God, after all He created this universe and everything in it. So I believe if you pray for a healing for my heart, heart muscles and coronary arteries, diabetes and high blood pressure, by His stripes I will be healed.

Look forward to your reply. God bless.”

After this Brother Dennis ministered to Malcolm over skype.

June 7

“In the past when I ‘power walked’ it caused a lot of discomfort, resulting in a high heart rate, so I refrained from “stretching” myself again.

Yesterday after prayer I stepped out in faith and decided to “push” myself for as long as possible, which was for about 40 minutes, and felt just fine at the finish.

I will go on thanking and praising Almighty God through Jesus His Son for my healing, but before telling anybody that I am healed, I want to have a medical and make absolutely certain that He indeed touched me.”