Umuarama, State of Parana, Brazil
Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reports: The Elijah Challenge in Brazil

In February 2011 The Lord’s grace was abundant in Igreja Batista Betel (Bethel Baptist Church), one of the larger churches in the lovely town of Umuarama. Hosted by a Kingdom-minded Baptist pastor, the event has drawn 90 pastors from twenty-five surrounding cities. At the introductory meeting on the first morning, we shared about The Elijah Challenge with the pastors. Then during the demonstration many of the servants of God were healed as they laid hands on one another. Some of the testimonies were quite dramatic. In the evening we began the actual training with the congregation from our host Baptist church in attendance as well. 

The sanctuary was filled with people who had come for the training and those who wanted to be healed of infirmities. After the teaching we called for those with heart conditions to come forward to be ministered to by the believers.

Many came forward and lined up across the front of the spacious sanctuary. To maximize the effectiveness of the demonstration for the people, we took the time to ask each person over the microphone what was the problem with their heart. There were all kinds of heart disease represented. Then we called believers to come forward to lay hands on them and to heal them as they had just been taught. The Lord was gracious to touch many with his healing power in this way, and many testified that their symptoms had disappeared. Some said that they could actually feel something happening in their heart as hands were laid on them. After three times of ministry, nearly all of those who had come forward had testified. The very last testimony was the most touching of all.

The little granddaughter of our host Senior Pastor Waltenir had a “hole” in her heart causing it to beat abnormally. In addition to the “thump-thump” of her heart, a periodic “whooshing” sound could also be heard. After the third time of ministry, the little girl’s mother could no longer detect the whooshing sound in her daughter’s chest. Through tears and with the little one in her arms, she gave the glory to the Lord from the stage.

As of September 2011 the little girl’s heart was still beating normally.