Suffolk, Virginia, USA
February 22 – 24, 2013

The Elijah Challenge in North America

The 14-hour Elijah Challenge Training in Suffolk, Virginia was consummated with the launching of Elijah Challenge Virginia under the leadership of Dr. Princella Johnson and her husband Overseer Maurice Johnson of The Master’s House. Disciples came from New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida as well as from nearby communities to be trained.


Dr. Princella F. Johnson & Overseer Maurice Johnson

Woman healed simultaneously of heart condition and deafness at a distance

The Lord was very gracious to enable us to teach effectively, and He confirmed the word with several miraculous healings. Among the noteworthy miracles were three ladies who reported being healed of their heart disease symptoms as disciples at the training ministered to them at a distance via cell phone. One lady was a Korean woman in New York ministered to by a Korean pastor who had come down from New York for the Training. Another woman felt the Lord’s power like electricity healing not only her heart, but also opening up her deaf ears as well. It was our host Dr. Princella Johnson who ministered to her own aunt in Montgomery, Alabama at a distance.


Lucille (left) leading the healing at a distance, with Dr. Johnson next to her

Medical confirmation of the miraculous healing

Dr. Johnson wrote on February 27:

“Yesterday (Tuesday) we received the final medical proof that my aunt is completely healed. She is an 80-year old widow who lives alone, but often travels to Georgia to be with her daughter and grandchildren. They noticed she had been very, very tired and unable to maintain her normal activity level during a January visit. She also suffered from shortness of breath and overall general weakness. When she went to visit with a cardiologist in January, she was informed that not enough blood was flowing to one side of her heart. He advised her that she was a candidate for open heart surgery, stints or some other medical intervention.

He told her to return for further testing yesterday that so he could determine which procedure to perform. So she went to see her cardiologist yesterday for a consultation on his plan to do open heart surgery or a less invasive surgical procedure to address the 30-40% blockage she had in her heart.

She reported that he told her she is just fine! There is no need for any procedures whatsoever! She is completely healed in Jesus’ name! Also her hearing has been restored, and she is giving the Lord the praise for all He has done!”

Personal testimony of Dr. Johnson’s aunt, Mrs. Birdie Carter of Alabama 


Mary (center, in blue) had a tumor which shrank as the ladies laid hands on her


Man runs for the first time in 5 or 6 years

At the Sunday afternoon Healing Service, a gentleman named Joe hobbled forward for healing. Joe had suffered from arthritis in his knees for five or six years, and as a result felt constant pain when walking. Two trained brothers ministered to him three times. After each time he felt significant decrease in the pain. After the third time, he was able to walk to the back of the room and return to the front without feeling any more pain. Before he returned to his seat we asked him to do one more thing—to run.

Joe took off for the back at a jog and returned to the front, huffing and puffing. He had not run for five or six years, and so was very much out of shape. But there was no pain in his knees!

Jumping up and down

Sister Pat came forward with carpal tunnel in both wrists, as well as pain in both knee joints. After being ministered to she could feel no more pain in her wrists, and to her surprise was able even to pick up a table with a pitcher of water on top with no problem. She was also bending over and jumping up and down to her great delight—with no pain in her knees!


Sister Pat

Six-hour telephone call

On Sunday night one of the participating local pastors, Miriam Copeland, was so excited about the training that she spent six hours on the telephone with Pastor Princella. We believe that the Lord will now give increase to the seed which has been planted, and cause it to bear much fruit for the kingdom of God under the leadership of Dr. Princella and Maurice Johnson.


Pastor Miriam Copeland & little friend

From a Suffolk pastor who attended the entire event

“I want to tell you both that I have never been so impacted by two people so powerfully and so soon in all my life. I cannot thank you enough for your sacrifice. We all know God sees all, but I have to say thank you so very much. You have blessed me beyond measure. I love you both and you better believe I will be continually praying for you. Everyone we have spoken to since the training has nothing but wonderful things to say and I myself am telling everyone I meet about this weekend past. …Now it is time to put into practice what we have been trained to do…”

From a pastor who has served congregations in two of the largest cities in the US 
for over 30 years 

“Praise the Lord! It’s real blessing from the Lord and pleasure for us to be with you, humble and obedient servants of Christ.

My wife and I learned a lot of things from both of you and were touched. We were equipped with the Authority and Power of the Lord. We pray that we could be used as an instrument like you to expand Kingdom of God through healing the sick and casting out evil spirits.

With your permission I want to get more teaching materials from you to share with my church members, co-workers and friends in ministry in our community. If you allow me to translate the Training Manual into our native language for those who are not good in English like me, it will be a great help for us.”

From John & Sue Ellen Latini now able to minister together with one spirit

“My wife and I both truly want to thank you for this past weekend. This weekend was a tremendous encouragement for us both but even more so for my wife.  She was truly blessed and this weekend cleared up many questions she had regarding healing. The entire drive home all she talked about was she and I ministering to people together.  Everything we do together as a team and after this weekend she feels she can start ministering to people with me. Before this weekend it was I who mostly ministered and she felt somewhat left out but now she is talking about starting an Outreach Together for those hurting around us. This past weekend really set a fire within her heart and she has such a desire to reach the lost and suffering.  She kept telling me how awesome it will be for her and me to travel together and minister to others.  She kept saying how much you both blessed her as a husband and wife team, and she truly hopes both she and I can do the same.  I know God has great plans for us both!  (My prayer before this weekend was for my wife to gain the same desire as I had and wow—my prayer was definitely answered.)


John Latini is VP of a company in Pennsylvania

At the Sunday morning service…everyone got to share what they learned, and it was so awesome to see my wife speak in front of everyone with boldness.

Jesus is so awesome and I cannot wait to see what is ahead for both of us. We are going to be setting up a healing service at our church in March that both my wife and I will be leading.  We also are going to train some other church members and go out on the streets, or into the malls a couple times per month to minister to the sick and lost.”

Miraculous healings the very next weekend as they minister together

From Sister Pat in Suffolk 

“I was in the awesome training with Pastor Maurice and Pastor Prince this weekend in Suffolk, Virginia. I am so thankful that you and your sweet wife allowed God to redirect your lives to minister to His people all over the world.  I had such a wonderful time.  I told Prince this morning when I woke I so wanted to be back in Suffolk at the training.  I know, however, it is time to use that which the Lord has given me.”

“My knees and arms are great.”

From Sister Jeanne who lives in North Carolina





Three ladies from Virginia


Tamesha (left) from Florida


Above & below: Boot camp participants at mealtime



United Methodist Church Pastors Moonsook & Sungchan Kim


Sister Jeanne from North Carolina at right


Lucille teaching The Elijah Challenge


God’s Special Forces: Princella, Maurice and little Prince Maurice


Words for The Elijah Challenge from Dr. Princella Johnson

“The Master’s House church family would like to formally thank you for the excellent training and servant leadership you provided for the launch of The Elijah Challenge Virginia Training Center.

We can joyfully report that all attendees were truly empowered and inspired by the Biblically-based methodology of healing and deliverance you taught us during the 14-hours of training!

Words cannot convey how honored we felt to host, in our opinion, some of the Lord’s greatest modern-day servants! We were tremendously blessed and challenged to grow spiritually, and to faithfully teach other worthy disciples this God-sanctioned method of ministry to the infirm and spiritually oppressed as a means to save souls. Thank you also for your impartation prayers over our personal and public ministries. We are expecting an abundant harvest of fruit from the seeds planted by you and the Holy Spirit.

There is truly no price we could pay for what we received in comparison to what you endured to receive it and deliver it to us. Thank you for your willingness to freely share what the Lord gave you through many years of personal sacrifice on the mission field. It is priceless.

We pray God’s richest blessings upon you and the disciples you serve on a daily basis. We also look forward to building a strong support network for The Elijah Challenge in the Eastern USA.”