Canindé, State of Ceará, Brazil
January 20, 2016
Last Sunday evening at Renewal Christian Church in Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil, we taught the believers how to minister healing to infirm believers according to James 5:14-16. After the teaching we had infirm believers come forward to be prayed over in Jesus’ name. Several came forward, in particular, one sister who had an enlarged heart. She had so little strength due to her heart condition that she could not even stand to be prayed over. She had to sit while being ministered to by two trained sisters.
From the stage we lead the believers in exercising authority over the infirmities as they laid hands on the sick. Quite few were healed quickly and came up to the stage to testify. But as I looked at the woman with the enlarged heart being ministered to, I could see her grimacing in severe pain. I went down and joined the sisters, laying my hand on her heart and exercising authority in Jesus’ name. 
During this time I was told that before she accepted Christ she had been deeply involved in witchcraft. After that we began to rebuke any associated unclean spirits in the woman. We then saw manifestations of the spirits leaving her. She began to sob deeply as the Lord’s healing power came upon her. She later testified that at that moment she felt as if a powerful “hand” was tightly squeezing her enlarged heart, after which the pain stopped and her strength returned. She got up and began to walk back and forth at the front of the sanctuary. She climbed the steps up to the stage and testified. 
Woman with hypercardia
The following Tuesday evening (January 19) we began The Elijah Challenge Training in the idolatrous and difficult region of Canindé in northeast Brazil. At the end of the session held in an outdoor sports arena with perhaps 350 people in attendance, I asked for someone with a heart condition to come forward for healing. A woman in her mid-thirties came forward. She had abnormally rapid heart beat and was under medication. Four women came forward and laid hands on her heart as they commanded her heart to be healed and restored in the name of Jesus Christ.
Three of the women testified that they could feel the Lord’s healing power flow through them as they laid hands on her. The young women herself also felt the Lord’s healing power at work in her heart. Then I told her to run in the name of Jesus. She took off and ran around the spacious arena before the people. Returning to me at the front, she testified that she felt fine. Normally just going a short distance would have exhausted her breath. The next morning she felt fine, and continued feeling strong through the rest of our event that week.
Touched miraculously at a distance of 1,800 miles

At  the final training session on Saturday, January 24 in Canindé, the trained disciples gathered to minister to those who had come needing healing. While the disciples were healing the sick in Jesus’ name and people were testifying of being healed by the Lord, a mother and daughter couple seated at the meeting received a text message from another daughter who was in Sao Paulo about 1,800 miles away. The message was to the effect she was not well at all. She had a heart condition and was feeling terrible at the moment. 

At that time Lucille was leading the disciples minister to the sick over the microphone from the platform at the front. Completely unaware of the situation of the daughter far away in Sao Paulo, over her mic she rebuked heart disease and commanded healing in Jesus’ name for anyone with a heart condition at the meeting. At that moment the mother and daughter couple agreed with Lucille and “declared” that the daughter down in Sao Paulo was healed. 

Within moments they received another text message from the daughter down in Sao Paulo. She was suddenly feeling fine and normal.

The Elijah Challenge in Brazil