Testimonies of People Who Had Heart Disease

January 22, 2015

“My name is Paula.  I was blessed to receive an email from Sheila Zilinsky, which gave me the link to her program with you as her guest.  WOW!  I had been praying and asking God to help me, because I did not want to be a faithless child of God.  Your training is definitely an answer to my prayer.  I have finished listening to Part 1 (all 4) videos over and over again , and am now on Part II at the very end of (5 of 6).  All I can say is, “thank you Jesus.”  You are truly preaching and teaching the true gospel.  I keep telling my sisters in Christ that the true gospel is not been preached.

Now, I have a dear friend named Carol C. in Pontiac, Michigan. She is now 68 years old. One heart specialist told her that she needs open heart surgery, but he would not operate because he did not believe she would survive it.  Her family took her for a second opinion, and this second surgeon has scheduled to operate on the 28th of this month ($$$$).  She has been very weak and has spent much time in the hospital since early December.”

We then replied to Paula’s email.

January 23

Paula responded to us: “I am so thrilled that you got in touch with me.  I thought that someone would contact me for certain, but not YOU.  I am so excited. I was about to listen to some more videos, but decided to check my emails first! Was I ever grateful to see one from you. You are certainly a humble servant. God bless you.

I have Carol on the phone right now.  Anytime is good for me or Carol, we are just waiting on the miracle and seeing her family coming to Jesus.”

Around January 25, we, Paula and Sarhonda ministered healing to Carol on a telephone conference call. Afterwards, Carol reported no more shortness of breath, even after walking up and down the hall where she was staying. She did several squats, and afterwards said that she felt fine with no pain in her heart.

January 27

Paula wrote us: “Carol is so low-key (the exact opposite of me).  Everyday when I talk to her on the phone, she tells me she still feels good.  I ask her how is she walking and she says “good.”  I ask her is her breathing good, and she says “yep.”  I ask her if she has any pain, and she says “nope.”  

I am excited and know that she is healed.  She told me today that she was confused.  She has open-heart surgery scheduled for tomorrow.  I, of course, had a sermon on faith for her.  What an opportunity for her family to be saved and accept Jesus!!!!  I know she has been healed!

January 29

Paula wrote us: “I speak with Carol daily.  She cancelled the surgery scheduled for yesterday, the 28th.  She is still feeling good, walking without her cane, has no pain, and no shortness of breath.  Sarhonda and I also ministered to her arthritic fingers and they straightened out on both hands (they had been curled up and painful).  She is able to breath properly when lying flat on her bed.  Before Sarhonda and I ministered to her, she had to sleep on a recliner because of her weak heart.  God is so awesome!!!  I want her family saved and to truly know Jesus.”

February 11 

Paula wrote: “Carol went to the doctor on Monday to request they check her arteries.  She boldly told the doctor that Jesus had healed her.  He had to see that her condition was so different from her last visit.

Carol asked her sister if she saw any difference in her since the last time she had come to the doctor’s office—when she was told she had to have open heart surgery.  At that time she could hardly make it into the office, and she was out of breath and so weak.  Her sister said she did see a difference.  The doctor told her he wanted to wait two more weeks, and then he would do the test.  She is doing so well and is becoming so bold in the Lord.”

March 10, 2015

Paula wrote: “Today, March 9, 2015, Carol went to get the results of the test you asked her to take. Well, she called me about half an hour ago.  She screamed, “Paula, He did it!”  She said she was sitting with her brother when the doctor rushed in and said, “Carol, I’ve got good news for you!”  Not one test showed any sign of problems with her heart.  She told him, “I told you God healed me.”  Then he said that all he had to do was change one medication.  She said she was going to call and ask what was that medicine for, because she feels great .  Her brother asked, “then all you have to do is put in a stint?”  “Ha, Ha!!”  The doctor, said, “I don’t have to do nothing!”  Like Carol said, “Jesus did it all.”

Testimony of Paula’s daughter, Dr. Tracey Perry

The AMPLIFIED Elijah Challenge Training
Chicago, April 2015

At our April 2015 Training Event in Chicago, we will minister healing in this way to people with heart disease. Believers who attend the Training will be taught how to minister the healing in the name of Jesus Christ. They will minister healing to people with heart disease who attend the Event as well as healing-at-a-distance to people with heart conditions who are not present at the Event. Healing-at-a-distance as Jesus did is in accordance with Luke 7:1-10.