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Testimonies of heart disease healed


Received October 3, 2012 from Bobbie Ramsey in the UK:

“I’m contacting you about my sister in Christ, Rita. She has angina, and has been suffering with more and more chest pain. We believe that Jesus has healed her, but it hasn’t manifested yet. Could you please pray for her. Many blessings and sincere thanks.”


Received one week later from Bobbie:

“After emailing last week about Rita, my sister in Christ with angina and diabetes, you kindly passed on my email to Dennis Green in Houston.  He administered healing to Rita via Skype and mentioned that we might like to look at the Elijah Challenge website.  We did that and are currently steadfastly going through each training video.  We are so happy to have been led to it, as we have been praying for the Lord to take us deeper in our walk with Him.  We have been convicted of being lacking and disobedient – simply not doing enough for Him. 

Meanwhile, Dennis has followed up with further healing for Rita, who we know is now healed, her pain has subsided and her general improvement is amazing.  We are keeping in touch with Dennis, he has been extremely kind and helpful.

Today we had the chance to use our newly realised authority, twice!  We came across one of our friends whilst out shopping, who had recently broken a bone in her foot.  In our local car park, we commanded the bone to heal and the pain to leave our friend in the name of Jesus.  She started walking without a limp!  Earlier in the day, we visited a friend who had fallen some weeks ago and damaged her backside and leg!  We again took our authority over this and commanded healing in Jesus name, and after walking with her a short while, I asked her how her hip was.  She suddenly realised that she was no longer aware of it.  Praise God.

Dennis thought it would be good for us to let you know about this.  We know we have a very long way to go, but are delighted to have made a start.   Thank you so much for this much needed Godly direction from you.”