The Elijah Challenge in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan
September 2012

Our host here was Pastor Wen whose burden is to reach the 4 million Hakka Chinese living in Taiwan among whom only 0.4% are evangelical believers. The Hakka are traditionally gospel-resistant worshipers of idols and ancestors. The only way to reach them effectively is through the Biblical use of miraculous signs and healings to demonstrate to them that our Father is the only true God, and that Jesus is the only way to Him.

And so the Lord was extra gracious with miraculous healings—some quite noteworthy—in each meeting as the trained Taiwanese believers minister to the infirm. There were people with heart disease who after being ministered to were able easily to climb stairs in the building where we were meeting with hardly any exertion. Their testimonies were striking.

The Lord trained these Hakka Chinese believers to preach the gospel with power to their hardened idolatrous brethren. 

There was a young woman in the Sunday training session who suffered from some condition that drained her of strength; she could hardly lift her arm. During the time of ministry to people with infirmities at the front, she remained in her seat and laid hands on herself. Then she heard a voice telling her to get up. She got up and discovered that her strength had returned. She left the hall and climbed six flights of stairs effortlessly. Returning to the meeting place she testified before the amazed brethren.

The healings we witnessed here were numerous and striking. On Saturday evening and Sunday morning Pastor Wen himself led his trained believers in ministering to the infirm, and many infirm people were healed. On Wednesday afternoon when Lucille taught the final session, a woman’s hearing was restored as two sisters inserted their fingers into their ears as Jesus did in Mark 7:23.
Five people not present at the final session were also dramatically set free from symptoms of heart disease at a distance as the disciples ministered to them over their mobile telephones with just a few authoritative commands as Lucille led them. The faces of those ministering lit up with smiles upon hearing the praise reports of those on the other end of the line. One Taiwanese disciple even ministered to two people with heart disease one after another over his phone during the demonstration. Both testified that their symptoms had disappeared.

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Our host Pastor Wen