Failing kidneys restored, epilepsy healed, heart disease healed, unclean spirit cast out

Reports from our harvest workers in India…

“In a village called Bamra a man named Das was diagnosed with kidney failure. Das belonged to a high-caste Brahmin Hindu family. He had gone to his district hospital and had all kinds of scans done. The district hospital referred him to the Apollo Hospital in the capital of Bhubaneswar, one of the biggest hospitals in the state of Orissa. After more scans the final report was in fact kidney failure. The doctor said that there was no hope—other than God Himself. The family lost hope, and in desperation turned to the realm of the supernatural for help. They heard about our three Elijah Challenge workers ministering in their area, and asked them for help. Our workers went to Bamra and ministered to him over a couple of days, and also shared the gospel to them. Das began to feel better and so wanted to be examined. After tests back at the hospital, it was determined that his kidney function was all the way up to 60%. We met him and spoke with him. He said he believed he was completely healed. Soon he will return to Apollo Hospital for a checkup. What a wonderful God we serve!  The family has accepted Jesus Christ.

For a long time in a village called Hatibadi there was a woman suffering from epileptic seizures. For a long time he had been taking medicine prescribed by a village sorcerer, but the seizures continued. Our Elijah Challenge workers went to her home and ministered to her. She had little faith to be healed since she had suffered for such a long time. But thank God she was delivered from the seizures when our workers ministered to her.

In a village called Durgei a man named Kapil Kisan was suffering from arthritis in both legs. Life was a struggle for him since in his village there was no running water. For water, villagers had to walk to a river two kilometers away. But while struggling on his way to the river one day, our workers met him and ministered to him. He was miraculously touched by the Lord. After that he asked them to drop by his house. Our brothers went, and were surprised to see about eight people waiting to be healed. The Lord touched them, healing them all from their various infirmities.

The wife of a man named Mangulu had been demonized after being cursed by a sorcerer without anyone’s knowledge of it. She was very weak, and had been sick for a long time. Her doctor could find no reason for her infirmity. Our workers went to their home—without knowing that she was actually demonized. When they started ministering to her, she suddenly started shouting asking them to leave. “Why have you come here to harass me?” But our workers continued to rebuke the unclean spirit in Jesus’ name. After around twenty minutes the demon left. Afterwards her husband shared that he had never seen any kind of demonic manifestation in her. He thanked our workers for helping to deliver her from the demon. They believed and accepted Jesus Christ.

In a village named Dadel there was a man named Raja Munada who was about 58 years old. He had been sick for a few days. Going to a doctor he was diagnosed with a heart problem. Upon the doctor’s advice he bought some medicine and took it for three months. But he nevertheless became very weak. After spending 200,000 rupees (about US$2,900) on the drug, he was still not well. Our two workers ministered to him and shared the gospel with him. Within a week, he was well. He could walk, run and work. Praise the Lord Raja and his son’s family accepted Jesus Christ. 

Thank you so much for your prayer and support to extend His kingdom in unreached regions.”

Elijah Challenge India Coordinator
March 24, 2019

INDIA: Eighteen house churches planted so far in March 2019 (as of March 23) in unreached villages

INDIA: 760 miraculously healed & 981 received Christ in March 2019; 53 house churches planted in 5 months by 6 workers