January 7, 2018  — Michelle wrote: “My husband and I have friends (Mavis and Gary Unger pictured above) who recently started a home for slave girls in Haiti. Needless to say, they’ve been under major attack. Mavis was hit by a motorcycle about 6 weeks ago, and is recovering from a severe concussion.  Gary may have had a heart attack a few days ago.  He “happened” to encounter a doctor while visiting another orphanage in Haiti who offered to fly him back to the States and treat him, which is wonderful! Although Mavis and Gary are aware of the great darkness where they serve, they may not have all the tools they could use in order to fight the battle.  Would you mind if I forward your teaching materials to them? I’m sure they would appreciate it!”
January 11  — “Gary said he would like prayer.  He’s now in the hospital in Round Rock (north of Austin), and his son-in-law, Jordan is with him this morning. Jordan’s phone would be best to use.  If this morning isn’t good for y’all timewise, please let me know.  Thank you sooo much!!  Gary’s blood pressure was very high, and he has other issues.  They’re running tests.”
We asked our trained Elijah Challenge co-workers Shar & Teddy Murphy in Chicago to minister healing a distance to Gary
January 11 — Michelle wrote: “Hello, Ms. Brown [Shar] and Mr. Murphy [Teddy].  I appreciate your willingness to help with prayer!  I am a friend of Gary and Mavis Unger who started a Christian group home for slave girls in Haiti.  Mavis was hit by a motorcycle two months ago (she has almost recovered), and her husband had a probable heart attack a few days ago.  Gary is currently undergoing testing.”
January 11 — Teddy wrote: “I have followed up and will continue as needed.” “Thank you so much for contacting us, I have began praying for your requests and await your response to the effectiveness of prayer and healing. Distance is never a problem for healing and I will pray until complete healing has been done.”
January 11 — Michelle wrote: “Hello! Gary says he feels much better…his blood pressure seems to be the only thing bothering him. The weight on his chest is gone. Walking was difficult before, now it’s fine. He will have a cat scan tomorrow. They’re still trying to find the cause of the high blood pressure. He will probably go back to Haiti next week! I showed him your email. He’s very grateful. Thank you very much!”
January 12 — Teddy wrote: “We did receive this today and have rebuked the high blood pressure.”
January 12 — Michelle wrote: “We all REALLY appreciate it!!  Gary was laughing last night and said he can’t wait to get back to his wife and the 11 young ladies who call him Papa, and who were so worried about him. He loves his ministry! Thanks so much again. We are also very grateful to Mr. Murphy!!”
January 13 — Michelle wrote: ” Yesterday, his cat scan came back clear.”
January 13 — Michelle wrote: “I was wondering if you would also pray for Paula, the mother of a good friend.  Paula is 72 and went into the hospital a few days ago with kidney failure.  Her kidneys have started working again somewhat.  She’s very weak, tired, unable to talk (as of yesterday).  I prayed for her, commanding healing in Jesus’s name.  A Baptist pastor was also there and prayed for her.  I told my friend that I would ask the Elijah Challenge to also pray for her.  (My friend was so worried.)  I hope you don’t mind.”
January 13 — Michelle wrote: “Paula’s test results so far have come back clear.” “Paula is up and talking and laughing this morning…Praise God!!  Her daughter is rejoicing and praising God!! Hallelujah!!”
January 20 — Gary wrote: “We are so thankful for your ministry and your commitment to ministering healing to me. Yes absolutely God answers prayer and ministers healing from a distance. When I arrived in Austin I could not walk 20 steps without trying to catch my breath and had a lot of chest pain. Many people, including you and your team prayed healing over me, God answered those prayers. I left the hospital and felt great, went for a nice walk and no pain or shortness of breath. I did leave the hospital with very high blood pressure, they put me on a different set of BP meds and they are starting to work.”
Gary who was hospitalized in Austin, Texas was miraculously healed from his heart condition as Shar & Teddy Murphy in Chicago “said the word” over him at a distance just as Jesus did in Luke 7:7 to heal the servant of the Centurion.