October 15 – We receive the following from Sister PM in Georgia:

“Please pray and take authority over my mom’s cardiovascular system as she has had to take Coumadin in the past and it caused her to lose her ability to walk and caused problems with her memory. Right now her memory is very clear and she is working on rebuilding her muscles with the rehab man. I honestly believe she was misdiagnosed in the past with a blood clot when she really had cellulitis because the cellulitis was never cleared up and they kept increasing her blood thinner till she no longer could walk. She has an appointment with a cardiovascular specialist on Thursday and I am believing for him to find her healthy and healed of cellulitis and/or anything cardiovascular related. Yes!”


That same day we replied to her:

“We are getting ready to leave for the airport on our trip. Please contact our brother Dennis Green who has been quite effective in ministering healing at a distance over the phone, especially heart disease. I’m sure he will be delighted to arrange a time to minister to your Mom over the phone with you by her side.”


After that she contacted Dennis Green in Houston and made arrangements for him to minister to her mother at a distance. Sister PM then reported on October 24:

“Just wanted to give you an update on mom since you ministered to her. Two of her tests came out perfect and especially the venial sonogram. No evidence of any blood clots  Not even a tiny one. She has done one more test that the doctor reads. So we’ll know next week. She seems to be having more control and she’s breathing easier. Thank you so much. I am believing for her complete healing and ability to walk again. She went shopping, took tests at two different places and was able to eat out all in one day. So this ability to get out and about is getting better.”


On November 6, we received this from Sister PM after she got back the test results from the doctor:

“Just want you to know that mom has a clear report. Every part of her cardiovascular is healed. She just has to wear support stockings now to get rid of fluid on her legs but does not have any evidence of anything wrong except the edema. So, no follow up was needed. Her doctor asked for her to come back in two to three months to see how the circulation socks are working and if they need to wrap her thighs. The socks have been working fine so far. Praise God and thank you so much for taking authority over the cardiovascular problems in her body.”


Sister PM takes over ministering to her mother: “Mom will walk again!”


Sister PM also wrote us:

“She is badly in need of lung healing. She has had asthma since she was in her late 40s, early 50s. She uses a nebulizer and has to take steroids into her body in order to catch her breath at times. Also her legs become shaky when she stands so she has not been able to take more than one or two steps with a lot of assistance. She says she needs more strength in them. Do you know anyone who has had success with this type of faith. She is not willing to allow you to speak with her or pray with her but is willing to allow you to pray over her problem.”


We replied (November 8):

“Regarding to her asthma, in our experience it should not be difficult for you yourself to minister healing to her. Lay your hands on her chest and rebuke the asthma forcefully with authority. Then ask her to take a breath as deeply as possible. As usual, repeat as needed.”


She replied:

“Okay. Will do. Thank you. Will let you know the results.”


A few days later (November 11), she reported back to us:

“Yes, I did as you instructed. At first I could feel her tense up but then she relaxed and she was good for awhile. Then the next day I did it again and she was better–even able to visit Joshua and pet a chicken on her lap as well as hold her great grandson. “By the way, she does get sneezing spells.” 

Today I did it again and it appears as though mom is now very comfortable with the authority. She is in agreement and even skipped her inhaler this morning as I asked her to breathe deeply through her nose and blow it out her mouth. She did it several times and we could both see the improvement as her airways opened up. I will continue taking authority until this is over and any residue of habit or comfort zone in steroid inhalers is past. She’s beginning to understand healing and see that it is God who heals and not the doctors or inhalers. She still has a bit of leftover (not sure what) from having been a victim of spousal abuse for 67 years, but it is a stronghold or two and as she becomes aware of it the anger/bitterness is less and less. Since I always back everything that bothers me up by saying, “but I forgive him/her and pray with her for most of the offense she is ‘getting it'”. To God be the glory! Thank you for the confidence you have in my ability to take that authority over sickness trying to attack her. It was the little push I needed.

On another front, her mind is alert and she is showing less interest in TV to keep her stimulated (or asleep).”


 On November 25, Sister PM wrote again:

 “Today her caregiver texted me while I was in town. His first text said: Just wanted to let you know that mom just walked and was able to take three steps with her walker. Yay.

Before I could answer him I got another text saying: Well I just got her up to try again and she walked 7 steps. I had to move her wheelchair cause she had walked so far away from it.

(He keeps her wheelchair in back of her in case she falls.)

I texted him: Praise God. That is wonderful news, Troy. Thank you. I needed that.

He replied: I am so proud she walked until she couldn’t not because of her legs just because she got winded. It was like I was witnessing a miracle.

I texted him: Were her legs straight?

He replied: Yes ma’am. More than usual.

So—praise God. I believe she will walk again. Yesterday I laid my hands on her knees and commanded them to be healed. God is so good.)”