A “house call” for healing prayer for Teddy & Shar in Chicago

“On Monday, June 15, 2015 the doorbell rang at 5:10 AM very early that morning. Outside was a man who had been suffering with chest pain so severe that he could not sleep. Answering the door I realized the person was an old friend from church, one of the Deacons. His name is James E. Williams (Smokey). In a previous conversation I told him and demonstrated to him how the power and authority of God was meant to be used to glorify God. Smokey accepted the Lord in 1986 I believe, and has never lost faith since. However, the church he attends is steeped in traditions that normally would have resulted only in numerous phone calls asking all of the members to remember him in prayer but no more than that.

I knew that someday that TEC (The Elijah Challenge) would be put to the test. After he entered the house I asked him to have a seat and explain what was going on. He said he had attempted to call but no one had answered and that he desperately needed physical healing. My wife and I normally prepare for our morning workout at 5:30 am at a health club close to our home. But this morning started early and we were ready to do God’s work.

Reports from Teddy & Shar

After a few minutes of prayer for forgiveness, understanding and blessings, we began rebuking and commanding in the name of Jesus Christ. The first round of prayer was fruitful, but he still had some discomfort in his chest on the left side. And so I led the second round. The Lord blessed a little more but there was a little more to go. We agreed that a third round of prayer was needed and instructed him to keep his eyes open to watch what the Lord would do.

During the third round we both rebuked and commanded with power and authority—yielding the result we knew was possible. As Smokey moved his arm laughing, we asked if he still had any pain. He stated, “NO, it is gone.” The chest pain he felt earlier and his inability to move without deep aggravation and pain had now passed. We all agreed that he was healed and that all of the Glory belonged to Jesus.

I guess the best doctor to seek for a house call is Jesus. After all, he has already paid the price.”

Gabriel (Teddy) & Sarhonda (Shar)


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