Sister Malikupa in Lesotho, Africa instantly set free from constant chest pain due to diagnosed heart disease


October 6, 2022

I would like to request a prayer…I was diagnosed with heart disease few months ago…I am constantly living in chest pains….I really need healing. I am from Lesotho [in Africa].”

After that we immediately put her in contact with our trained co-worker Sam Doland in the USA. She then called Sam, and he ministered to her over the phone with the authority of the name of Jesus Christ.

October 8, 2022

“Immediately when I got off the phone with him, pains that were torturing my body disappeared…Today, from morning up till now I have not experienced any chest pains whatsoever, which is a miracle because I always experienced chest pains…a day wouldn’t pass by…..I am so happy and thankful for the Elijah Challenge and Sam….I feel super great.

I will surely let you know how I am doing often, if I need any [further] ministry I will let you know, but for now I feel great…thank You. Thank You.”