On July 30, 2018 we received an email from Singapore-based Edwin Tan

I just retired last month after 38 years as a teacher. I was planning to go to Bible School for a year. Then the heart valve issue came up [Aortic Regurgitation due to faulty valve]. I have to postpone the Bible School.

I desire so much to serve God in Cambodia where I have been fourteen times since 2012, conducting children, youth and adult meetings. I held 3 healing school type meetings and saw many healed. Most recently in Poipet, a deaf boy’s ear opened. I do not fully understand this recent turn of events. I continue to look to God for a complete restoration of my heart.

At that time we responded to Edwin, ministering healing to him over and over with the Lord’s authority over whatsapp and also providing our Elijah Challenge training materials for him and his wife Joanne, who then wrote us 

Thank you for the training manual, videos & PowerPoints. I am reading the training manual & find the teaching very clear & easy to follow.  I agree with the teaching & find it very useful. As I learn from you, I will put it into practice. Thank you for blessing us by sharing your materials. God bless you richly.

On March 5, 2019 Edwin wrote us again

According to the previous scan of my heart, my aortic valve had not been closing completely so that my blood would flow back into my heart chamber. This added pressure to the muscle, resulting in the rest of body not getting enough blood. The measurement is called Left Ventricle Ejection Fraction (LVEF). The normal fraction is 60% and back then mine was 56%.

Today the doctor gave me a report on my heart after a 10-minute treadmill stress test.

1) The LVEF improved to 63% during exercise. (The normal person has 60% LVEF, meaning 60% of blood flows out of the heart to the rest of the body. My reading of 63% was taken during exercise.)
2) My left ventricle had been enlarged…now it’s back to normal size.
3) No sign of breathlessness during my run
4) The surgery recommended for me earlier has now been postponed due to all the positive signs. I will have a checkup in 12 months.
5) On my chart the doctors even recorded these words “healed vegetation”—meaning no bacteria was found in my heart valve. The initial test had found bacteria in my blood stream.

All measurements were done by a medical team.

I praise God for this because there was no medication given to me. There was none available to correct this disease which could have led to massive organ failure.

I thank God for this healing…thank you and your wife for praying over me last year while I was in hospital. At that time, the doctor found bacteria that was damaging my heart valve. They said that since my condition was so severe I had to have surgery last January. Now things have improved so much that the doctors have postponed the procedure, and will see me again in 12 months.



Edwin started work on his Post Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies at Theological Centre for Asia in Singapore last January 2019.
TCA was founded by missionary Dr. Naomi Dowdy in 1979.