Itu, Sao Paulo
October 2012

At the first session of The Elijah Challenge conducted at the Itu Assembly of God Church the Lord’s disciples filled the sanctuary. We were blessed to see so many come gather together at a midweek service. Among them were perhaps a dozen or more pastors. The Lord is indeed doing something unusual in Brazil.
The Lord was gracious to enable us to teach His servants. At the end of the session we did a demonstration of what had just been taught by ministering healing to people with heart conditions. The first to come forward was a young woman who after taking medication for a problem in her foot discovered her heart severely weakened. Earlier in the day yesterday she had to lie down in exhaustion after doing some light household chores. Three sisters laid their hands on her heart and ministered healing to her with power and authority. Afterwards we asked her how she felt. She replied that she felt fine and that her heart was now beating normally. We then asked her to run up and down the aisle of the sanctuary. After she came running back to the front the first time we asked her to do it again. 
After she returned to the front the second time from her run we asked her how she felt. She replied that her heart felt fine, saying that she would not have been able to do this earlier in the day—recalling how exhausted she had felt after doing some light chores at home. Then I asked her if she could pick up heavy objects. She said her doctor forbade her to lift practically anything. One of the three sisters who had ministered to her was still standing nearby. We told her to pick up the sister with her arms and hold her in the air for five seconds. She did so with no problem, continuing to look and feel fine. The people broke out in praise to the Lord our God.
Then we asked others with heart disease to come forward to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. About a half dozen men and women came forward. Other disciples came forward to minister healing to them. As far as we could see, everyone of them testified that the Lord had touched them as He had touched the young woman who had come forward first to be healed.

When we saw this young woman the next morning and again in the evening, she was doing well. Normally when she wakes up she feels very tired and cannot do any work. But the next rmoning she woke feeling energetic, driving her children to school and then returning home to do lots of housework—which she had been unable to do previously.
The excitement among the Lord’s people was palpable as they witnessed what the Lord had done through “ordinary” disciples.

Above & below: disciples fill the sanctuary for The Elijah Challenge Training
Evangelistic Healing Service
On the evening of the second day a public meeting was held. The street in front of the church was roped off for those who could not get inside where there was standing-room-only and had to watch the meeting on a screen outside the church via video camera.
The gospel was preached, and the sick were healed to confirm the truth of the gospel. Because of the crowd both inside and outside there was little room for the disciples to get to them to lay hands on them. Nevertheless many were healed and testified that the Lord had healed them, including the restoration of eyesight and hearing. The many visitors that evening saw convincing proof that Jesus is the Son of God and can forgive our sins, granting eternal life to those who believe on Him. 
That evening many were healed not because a superstar, one-man-show preacher had showed up. Rather the Lord used nameless and faceless disciples to do the works that Jesus had done when He was on earth 2,000 years ago.


Ministry to the infirm

Many were healed and testified

Lucy (standing) and host Pastora Margarete (left)